If you are anywhere near Perth, Australia Saturday, March 16 a run to Rhubarb Records – Vinyl Cafe should be in order.

The suave and debonair ladykillers The Caballeros are throwing a party complete with burlesque, comedy, and rock and roll in celebration of the release of parts two and three of their video clip trilogy. They are also celebrating their 10th anniversary as a band this year proving they are nothing if not ambitious.

If you can’t make it to the bash, we’ve got the Premiere right here.

Keys To The City‘ and ‘Julie of Broken Hearts‘ join ‘Last Chance‘ in the Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Date No Evil set of video clips all taken from their 2016 self-titled debut record. Apparently there’s a new record coming but don’t try to put The Caballeros in a corner, they do things their way thank you very much.

Taking their cue from their love of all things Stones, Stooges, and Sonics, these guys lay down the rock and roll jams with attitude.

Keys To The City‘ is a gritty bluesy stomper with frontman Jake ‘Dr. Green’ England’s bleeding-throat vocals dropping lines like “I’m gonna do a better job, with my pants down“. The video, shot in black and white, is a frenzied, queasy cam 3 minutes and 29 second blast of what it must be like to see The Caballeros in concert.

The clip for ‘Julie of Broken Hearts‘ is a fun take on speed dating that finds our ladykillers are not so deadly afterall. The track itself sparks with the energy and cocky swagger of The Hives with shredding guitars and pounding drums.

Happy Anniversary boys.

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