PREMIERE! TEEN MORTGAGE – ‘Falling Down’ from the Forthcoming EP – ‘Life/Death’

Holy great balls of fire, Teen Mortgage sure do kick some ass.

The DC duo is releasing a new 5-song EP titled ‘Life/Death’ via King Pizza Records and we’ve got the premiere of ‘Falling Down‘.

A grungy, sludgy, surfy, stoned-out stomper, ‘Falling Down‘ delivers the goods as a veritable hook monster. It lays down a feral driving beat, a super catchy gang sing-along chorus, and by the time the riff wizardry hits in the middle eight, you’ll be all in.

After about 5 listens, I can honestly say: when I listen to Teen Mortgage, my neighbors do too.

‘Life/Death’ is being released as a limited edition of 100 tapes on bone white cassettes. Comes with a digital download. You can pre-order from KING PIZZA here!

James Guile – Guitar / Vocals
Ed Barakauskas – Drums


King Pizza – Facebook

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