Premiere – Record Of The Day – “Homeless and the Dreamers ” By Jeff Crosby


“Homeless and the Dreamers” from Waking Days EP by Jeff Crosby and the Refugees. Released: 2015.
from the new album “Walking Days” release date of November 6, 2015

I want to start by thanking Jeff for allowing us to premiere ” Homeless and the Dreamers”. The music and vocals remind me of the the glory days of Laurel Canyon and up to Steve Earle , “Guitar Town”. If you shut your eyes and sing along , you’ll find yourself walking down the banks of the railroad tracks,3 miles from home , kicking stones thinking about life while you smoke some cigarettes. Yes there are plenty of stories we all have them cause we walk amongst the homeless and the dreamers while we search for God. Amen!!

from his bio:

Gifted with a gritty and genuine voice that at once feels familiar to fans of rock and country music, Idaho-born songwriter, singer, and guitarist Jeff Crosby has been writing songs, grinding out shows, and sharing his unique perspective of Americana throughout the United States and beyond for the better part of the past 10 years.

Alongside him now to form “The Refugees”, brother Andy Crosby (bass) and Will Prescott (drums) and Dave Manion (pedal steel/ guitar) have created a force of honest, provocative rock and roll that is quickly gathering both a fervent fan base and critical acclaim wherever they go.

Two songs (Oh Love, Oh Lord and This Old Town) from the first official release featuring The Refugees, 2013’s Silent Conversations, were featured on the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy, and in 2014 the band released their first full-length LP titled All Nighter. An 11-track album released significantly on July 4th, 2014 and recorded in both Los Angeles and Idaho, All Nighter is a powerful and cohesive record that deals with love, loss, and a new perspective of the American Dream. As renowned publication NoDepression puts it, “The story is there, the musicality is there, the songs are just great.”

Vocals, Guitar / Jeff Crosby
Pedal Steel / Dave Manion
Bass / Andy Crosby
Drums / Will Prescott
Jeff Crosby:



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