Hot on the heels of their sophomore record ‘Don’t You Turn on Me‘ Chicago rock and roll rowdies Poison Boys are keeping the fuse lit with the release of some killer stand-alone singles that started with ‘Rubber Band‘ last October and ‘Set You Free‘ in February.

Steamroller‘ is the latest to drop and it’s a sneering, in-your-face rocker that mixes the protopunk punk bands of the ’70s and the sleazed street glam of the early ’80s for a delicious rock ‘n roll cocktail. It’s too easy to drop the lazy comparisons here, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, but the band does sound like they’ve been messing around with a flux capacitor. ‘Steamroller‘ is a loose and volatile spark that rocks like it could crash and burn at any time.

Poison Boys have been around since 2014 mostly as a quartet, and released their debut ‘Out of My Head in 2019 and  ‘Don’t You Turn on Me‘ in 2021. But after a tour of Spain this February, the band decided to move forward as a very loud power trio:

Matt Dudzik – Vocals/Guitar
Johnny K – Bass
Matt Chaney – Drums

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