PREMIERE! Murph & The Gazorpos ‘A Little Reaction’ EP

Murph and the Gazorpos is the latest project from the mind of Charlie Murphy, probably best known as 1/3 of Falmouth, UK punk stalwarts The Red Cords. The Gazorpos sound is sunny, melodic, chiming power pop. Think The Nerves, and compilations like Powerpearls and Starry Eyes. These songs are hook-filled blasts that are delivered with a melancholy and self-deprecating lyrical bent, coupled with cartoon-punk crooning, not to mention an accompanying comic/zine called The Nerve Centre. The self-deprecation ensues, and we also get to see cool flyers and enthusiastic and sometimes unintentionally hilarious “reviews” for bands that Charlie is excited about. When I asked Charlie about where he was drawing influence from vocally, he mentioned Gentleman Jesse and King Louie as having particular influence on him, on account of their distinct vocal styles.

In addition to the plethora of bands he’s in, Charlie Murphy has been releasing banger after banger the last 6 months on his imprint Nerve Centre Records. These releases include The Gazorpos first ep ‘All Night’, along with new tunes from the mighty Red Cords, and the band Planet Jazz that Charlie does with members of Falmouth mainstays The Black Tambourines. (ed: At press time, Planet Jazz has been picked up for an upcoming single on the great Crocodile Records imprint.) This hyper-creative energy informs all that is Murph and The Gazorpos, and what we get is art and music that is a heck of a lot of fun to consume. The comic + music + label makes the Gazorpos experience a multi-media one, but make no mistake Murph and the Gazorpos make well-crafted pop songs, and is a standalone outlet for Charlie Murphy’s songwriting. The Gazorpos brand new ep “A Little Reaction” is being released on cassette and lathe cut 7″ via Super Fan 99 and digitally via Nerve Centre.

“A Little Reaction” was recorded at Charlie’s mums house in Cornwall. Matt Cleave of The Red Cords plays drums on these tunes, and he’s such a powerful drummer who perfectly compliments Charlie’s elastic and punchy guitar and his dumb-punk vocal style which at times brings to mind Joey Ramone, Sneaky Pinks, or the oddball power pop end of your fave Budget Rockers. The Hipshakes Daniel Russell did up the artwork for this release and there is great affection and camaraderie between these bands. At the time I wrote this piece, Charlie Murphy was on his way to Manchester to play music with Andrew Anderson of The Hipshakes and Proto Idiot, and The Hipshakes tune on last years ‘Stupid Punk Boy’ compilation on Girlsville featured some of Charlie Murphy’s hot slop guitar leads. Word has it there will be a Hipshakes single on Nerve Centre somewhere in the near future as well.

As for The Gazorpos, we can expect more great tunes, videos, and comics, and some gigs in November to support the release of “A Little Reaction”.
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