PREMIERE: KRADLE: ‘Living For the Thrill’ – 80s Vancouver Metal

In the mid-80s in Vancouver, glammed-up leather-clad rockers Kradle came pretty close to breaking out.

In 1984, the quartet had recorded a 4-track demo that was making the rounds and drawing interest from numerous labels. Don’t forget, 1984 was quite the year for heavy music: Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning‘, Maiden’s ‘Powerslave‘, Ratt’s ‘Out of the Cellar‘, Scorpions with ‘Love at First Sting‘, W.A.S.P.’s first album, and Van Halen’s ‘1984‘ were all selling millions of units. Labels were falling over themselves to sign the next big metal act.

Claude Erfon – drums, Steve Courchaine- bass, Tod Larkin- lead vocals, Harry Degen – guitars

The Kradle live shows and the demo caught the attention of manager Brian Wadsworth from Headpins and the labels started circling.  Soon enough the band received this message from Wesley Hein at Enigma Records: “We are interested in signing your band for release in North America with possible licensing in Japan, Europe, and South America.

Alas, with a record contract close at hand, Kradle would, unfortunately, become another story of what could have been.

Guitarist Harry Degen, explains: “Brian had no idea what he had with us and told me not to worry, that there would be other offers, so we slept on the deal waiting for a better offer. Enigma didn’t like the newer stuff like “Standing on the Edge” and “Alone Without You,” lost interest and picked up Stryper instead. We had tuned up a semitone to A flat and I think we lost that original darkness that people dug. It was like going from Black Sabbath to Van Halen. It was my stupid idea, too.”

The band eventually ran out of gas and the end came around 87/88 followed by the passing of lead vocalist Tod Larkin in 1989.

Enter BC archival label Supreme Echo. ‘Standing on the Edge‘, remastered from original reels, is the definitive Kradle collection: 12 songs in 48 minutes spanning the group’s evolution over four different recording sessions 1984-86. The release comes with a large-format 12-page booklet with photos, art, lyrics, and bio. 450 copies. Released December 31/2021. Preorder HERE!



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