It’s the end of the line for Brooklyn’s The Mad Doctors who are calling it quits after 6 years of scuzzy jams. 50thirdand3rd has been along for most of the ride and first posted about the raucous trio way back in 2013. You can take the time machine and read that here.

As it is, we’ve got the feels that The Doctors asked us to deliver their new and final EP – ‘RIP‘ unto the world in all its scuzzy glory. The Doctors: Dr. Seth Applebaum – guitar/vocals, Dr. Josh Park – bass/vocals, Dr. Gregory X – Drums, are moving on as real life has gotten too busy these days. For example, in true DIY fashion Gregory X aka Greg Hanson, started King Pizza Records just to release early Mad Doctors stuff and we all know how that has turned out. King Pizza is now one of the finest independent labels out there. Which means it also takes up most of his time.

Photo by Jeanette Moses

As for The Mad Doctors, well it was time.

The unfortunate reality we had to face is that this project has run its course. We’ve all been through a lot personally and collectively since starting this band, and the fact is that we’re just not the same people we were when it started. It wouldn’t be fair to us or to you for us to try and bend this band into something it was never meant to be, and thus we’ve decided to lay it to rest.” (from Facebook)

With ‘RIP‘, the Doctors are going out with a big loud belch. The 5-track EP finds the trio in fine form, mixing up a brew of fuzzed-out garage punk and heavy ass stoner jams, there are some world-class meaty riffs, just dripping with sauce on ‘RIP.’ The Mad Doctors have always believed that music should demolish some eardrums and probably a few beers along the way and that’s the hill they are dying on.

Truancy Man” leads off with it’s Blue Cheer meets the Dead Boys vibe, followed by the ridiculous fuzzed out headbanger “Poop Tour“. “Aggro” and “Nerd Alert” fuse elements of vintage hard rock, boogie, and metal, and “Not Absolutely” will have you all nostalgic for the times you cut class to blow a bowl and practice your Ollie.

RIP indeed.



Catch The Mad Doctors on their farewell tour:

Photo by Jeanette Moses from Blood Sweat and Beers.


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