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‘Sacred & Profane’ by NICHOLAS ROWE


NICHOLAS ROWE is a singer-songwriter from Columbus, Ohio. A self-proclaimed narcissist crippled with self-doubt . A kind of loner who decided to be a singer the day he was kicked out of the choir. At first a wild rocker until he was blown away by Blood On The Tracks. One of the best albums of living legend Bob Dylan that pushed Rowe into a more folky direction, into becoming a storytelling songwriter. After two EPs (Bandcamp link below) and a break, due to paternal obligations, he is back now with new track SACRED & PROFANE in which Rowe explores the tension between who we are and who we want to be. A captivating, introspective song with an appealing, melancholic feel. No special effects, just heart & soul and a notable voice. About the accompanying clip he says: “the video, intentionally minimalistic, is meant to expound on these ideas by focusing on the interdependent relationship between light and shadow.” Experience the beauty here…

I tend to be where the light and darkness meet
On the edge of the horizon through the trees.
I am a narcissist crippled with self doubt.
I’ve got a courage that brings me to my knees.

And I am equal parts sacred & profane.
I live my life that way.
I live my life that way.

I go to parties full of everyone I love
So I can slip out the back door and be alone.
I fight with angels ’til I’m too beat up to walk
And then I hold on tight and will not let them go.

And I am equal parts sacred & profane.
I live my life that way.
I live my life that way.

I am equal parts of Abel & of Cain
I live my life that way.
I live my life that way.

I am a generous swindler; an honest man who lies.
It is my human nature. (That’s a hell of an alibi you got kid.)
I read a story once about a white washed tomb
And I’ve been thinkin’ about that story ever since you left the room.

A generous swindler. An honest man who lies.
I’ve got a fear of failure that keeps me up at night.
I read a story once about an empty tomb
But I’ve been tryin’ to pay this debt off ever since I left the womb.

Sacred & Profane will be on upcoming EP Everything Has Beauty, out February 24th.

NICHOLAS ROWE: First two EPs on Bandcamp – Website – Facebook – Instagram

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