The Prefab Messiahs – “The Man Who Killed Reality” {Official Music Video}

A Saturday post for my friends The Prefab Messiahs. I need to hang out with these guys, they are on target with this. I think we need to put together a compilation of anti-Trump tracks and put it out with funds to go to the resistance. We might not be the New York Times but I’m not shying away from shining a light on what’s going on. I’m glad a few of my friends including The Prefab Messiahs feel the same way. Rock on guys!!!!

“Desperate (Trump) Times Demand The Prefab Messiahs!”

Long-time critically acclaimed punkedelic micro-legends THE PREFAB MESSIAHS respond to the current political and social crisis as only they can — by releasing a new, mind-expanding nugget called “The Man Who Killed Reality!”

In anticipation of their forthcoming new album and following up their surprisingly successful ‘Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive’ EP (Burger/KLYAM), the new Prefab video is a fully animated neo-Sgt. Pepper-ish audio-visual blast of sonic power sure to hit a nerve with all lovers of truth, justice and catchy psychedelic power pop!

Check it out NOW… before “He” turns off the internet!

According to the band’s singer Xerox Feinberg:
“We didn’t have any interest in putting out an obvious PC political message song like cranky old folk singers — but here we all are, living this notion that predictable rules and standards are totally out the window. It’s hard not to be angry and disgusted at the whole system. That sort of led to the main concept of “The Man Who Killed Reality.” It’s about how there’s “no bottom” to how far things can go, if there ever really was. Reality’s dead. The arrival of America’s First Mad President is just the pus coming out of the boil. Now please enjoy our catchy little psychedelic pop rock ditty!”

“The Man Who Killed Reality”
High in his tower
He is lying by the hour
He’s got PLANS…

Enemies cower
As he rains a golden shower
On his FANS…

And everybody sees
Exactly what they want to see

He’s the man who killed reality
The man who killed reality

He loves his people
See them follow him like sheeple
He’s the MAN…

He’s got the power
Watch him trample every flower
Cause he CAN…

And everybody hears
Exactly what they want to hear

He’s the man who killed reality
The man who killed reality

Don’t trust him ever
With his fingers on the lever
We’re all DAMNED…

He’s got the golden touch
Not gonna leave you much
It’s a SCAM….

And everybody knows
Everything they want to know

He’s the man who killed reality
The man who killed reality

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