Ponce “Surrender To The Night/Elevator” – Soul Step Records 7″ REVIEW

If you turn on your radio or check out the charts, you will notice a common theme. The 1980s are back! Well thankfully there’s no mullets or stone-washed jeans (yet) but there’s no denying the influence within secular music. Of course, there’s good and bad in all of that, but one act is utilizing everything we love about that particular decade. Ponce (pronounced Pawn-Saywith their new 7″ Surrender To The Nigh/Elevator on Soul Step Records.

Surrender To The Night/Elevator is basically the perfect power-pop single.

Michael and Carson Ponce grew up in a musical household thanks to their mother being a pianist. They developed their style while fine tuning their craft for sugary hooks and power-pop beats by listening to Springsteen and Tom Petty. Once they moved to Nashville, they set their sights on world domination!

With secular music now being fueled by nostalgia, it isn’t exactly hard to find a band influenced by the 1980s. Acts like Bleachers and Walk The Moon have caught serious mainstream exposure. The only problem is authenticity. When most of these mainstream artists put out music influenced by the 80s, it’s as subtle as a jackhammer.

Ponce’s music is legitimately good without using nostalgia as a gimmick.

“Surrender To The Night” kicks things off with an infectious beat as if Aha teamed up with Bruce Springsteen. That familiar compressed guitar vibes found in your favorite 80s tracks is layered with sparkling synths and keyboards. It’s all very clean and polished but not one bit outdated. Despite all of its throwback sounds, the track is still fresh and relevant to today’s mainstream pop. “Elevator” replaces some of the bounce of the A-side with a bit more rock n roll. Even with guitars kicked up a few notches and attitude more prominent, Ponce never lose what makes them so fun.

Surrender To The Night/Elevator is available on vinyl exclusively through Soul Step Records. A label responsible for some of my personal favorite singles last year for the same reasons why I love this release. Each one is unique and demand to played at extremely high volume, as good rock n roll should be!


To purchase Surrender To The Night/Elevator please visit Soul Step Records

For more info on Ponce, please visit poncetheband.com

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