Playlist: Zero Hour on WMSE, 9.11.15


Listen to the most recent Zero Hour with new music from The Jackets, Thee Arthur Layne, Stuart Turner & the Flat Earth Society and Bob Forrest & more!

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Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
Jack O’Fire “Slow Down Little Jaguar” from The Destruction of Squaresville (1994) on Estrus
Slushy “Nobody But You” from Nuggish (2014)
Van Buren Wheels “C’mon and Be Mine” from WE’RE LOUD: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns (2015) onSlovenly Recordings
Archie and the Bunkers “Miss Taylor” from Archie and the Bunkers (2015) on Dirty Water
Uh Bones “Bottle of You” from Honey Coma (2015) on Randy Records
CTMF “It’s so Hard to Be Happy” from Acorn Man (2014) on Damaged Goods
Jeremy and the Harlequins “Settle Down” from American Dreamer (2015) on Harlequins
Troll Controll “Stars” from Trollshovda (2010) on Tons of Stuff Recordings
The Deadbeat Poets “She is With Me” from Joe the Mynah Bird (2015) on KOTJ
The Cocktail Slippers “Gotta Crush” from Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre (2009) on Wicked Cool Records,Inc.
Tommy Stinson “Zero to Stupid” from One Man Mutiny (2011) on Done To Death Music
Larry O. Dean “Americans for Prosperity” from Good Grief (2015) on self-released
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society “Glad I Knew You Then” from Glad I Knew You Then (2015) onVacilando ’68 Recordings
Wreckless Eric “Depression” from Le Beat Group Electrique (1989) on Fire Records
The Moaners “Ramblin’” from Nocturnal (2010) on Holidays for Quince
Yo La Tengo “I’m so lonesome I could cry” from Stuff Like That There (2015) on Matador
The Obsoletes “Little Girl” from Is This Progress? (2004) on 1-4-5 Records Local
Spill “Midwestern Jinx” from Spill (2000) on Spill Local
Phylums “Cold Coffee” from Phylum Phyloid (2015) on Dirtnap Records Local
Testa Rosa “Patches (I Could Have Written That)” from Testa Rosa III (2015) on Self Release Local
NRBQ “I Want You Bad” from Peek-A-Boo: Best of NRBQ 1969-1989 (1978) on Rhino
States “Picture Me With You” from Picture Me With You (1981) on The Boardwalk
Adam Thorn and the Top Buttons “Expressway to Your Heart” from Where’s the Freedom? (2007) onErnest Jenning Record Co.
James Carr “A Man Needs a Woman” from The Complete Goldwax Singles (2011) on Ace Records
John Paul Keith “Ninety Proof Kiss” from Memphis Circa 3AM (2013) on Big Legal Mess Records
Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team “Raindrops” from Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team (2005) on Doublenaught Records
Gangway “My Girl and Me” from Sitting In the Park (1986) on Genlyd
Fotomaker “Where Have You Been All My Life” from DIY: Come Out and Play – American Power Pop I (1975-78) (1978) on Rhino
G.W. McLennan “Haven’t I Been a Fool?” from Watershed (2003) on Beggars Banquet
Roy Hines “I Can’t Live” from Ol’ Virginia Soul – Encore! 1965-75 (2005) on Arcania International ‎
Barreracudas “Shampoo” from Can Do Easy (2015) on Oops Baby
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys “Ready For Boredom” from Ready For Boredom (2013) on R.I.P Society
The Pink Tiles “Work it Out” from Snax, Spirits, Classic Hits (2015)
Vacant Lot “Loyola” from Because They Can … (1992) on Shake The Record Label ‎
The Prissteens “Oh Billy” from Stupid Punk Boy (2015) on Girlsville
The Muffs “I Get It” from Whoop Dee Doo (2014) on Burger Records
The Pandoras “Cry On My Own” from It’s About Time (1984) on Bomp
Descendents “When I Get Old” from Everything Sucks (1996) on Epitaph
The Nerve Scheme “Leather Lungs” from Leather Lungs (2015) on self-released
Brijitte West & the Desperate Hopefuls “Mess of Myself” from S/t (2010) on Devil’s Jukebox
Thee Four Teens “Gonna Make You Mine” from 14 Till We Die EP (2015) on KOTJ
Thee Arthur Layne “Father Friendly” from HVY DRT Vol. I (2015) on WholesomeWax
Los Bengala “Aaah” from Incluso Festivos (2015) on Dirty Water Records
The Routes “World on My Shoulders” from Skeletons (2015) on Groovie
The Jackets “Keep Yourself Alive” from Shadows of Sound (2015) on Voodoo Rhythm New
Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales “Three Boys in One Night” from Everything Boom! (2015) on Off Label
Laura St. Jude “Yours to Destroy” from I Can’t Stop Loving You / Yours To Destroy (Single) (2015) on Off Label Records
Bob Forrest “Lena Horne Still Sings Stormy Weather” from Survival Songs (2015) on Six Degrees
Liquor Giants “My Teeth and Tongue” from You’re Always Welcome (1992) on Lucky
The Martinets “Harmony” from Rock and Roll Will Probably Never Die (2014) on MuSick Recordings
The Figgs “Dance Lesson” from Sucking in Stereo (2000) on Hear Box
Syl Johnson “I Can Take Care of Homework” from The Complete Twinight Singles (2015) on Numero

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