Playlist: Zero Hour on WMSE, 2.12.16

Check out this week’s Zero Hour, featuring music from the Above, Thee Jezebels, the Sellwoods and Andy California as well as an 80th birthday tribute to the late Gene Vincent!

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Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
Wheels On Fire “Gallon of Gin” from Get Famous! (2008) on Big Legal Mess
The Ding-Dongs “Don’t Ring, Come On In” from The Ding-Dongs (2010) on Norton Records
The Mighty Hannibal “I Need a Woman (‘Cause I’m a Man)” from Hannibalism! (2001) on Norton Records
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers “All by Myself (Live)” from L.A.M.F. Live at the Village Gate 1977 (2015) on Cleopatra Records
Wayne Cochran “Monkey, Monkey” from R&B Humdingers 10: Twenty Greasy Groovers (2011) onVee-Tone
The Fox Sisters “Another Girl” from Under the Stars (2015) on The Fox Sisters
Harry Violet & the Sharks “Dance at the Korova” from Jungle Cavalcade/Dance at the Korova(2016) on Dirty Water
The Dukes of Hamburg “I Gotta Move” from I Gotta Move – I Need You – Single (2013) on Voodoo Rhythm
Thee Jezebels “Ain’t Worth the Time” from Mover And A Groover EP (2016) on State
The Stoneage Hearts “Can I Go Home?” from Hung Up (On You) (2015) on Off The Hip
Herman’s Hermits “Hold On!” from Leaning On The Lamp Post / Hold On! (1966) on MGM
The Imperials “Since You’ve Been Gone” from Stomp! Northwest Killers, Vol. 1 (2006) on Norton Records
The Above “Holding Back” from Holding Back (2016) on Hidden Volume
Wreckless Eric “Space Age” from America (2015) on Fire Records
Larry O. Dean “Mad in the USA” from Good Grief (2015) on self-released
Death And Vanilla “Time Travel” from To Where the Wild Things Are (2015) on Fire Records
Waco Brothers “Girl at the End of the Bar” from Cabaret Showtime (2015) on Bloodshot
The Uptown Savages “The Surfin’ Rabbi/Louise” from Crazy Crazy Crazy (2010) on Tiki Tone Local
Dr. Chow’s Love Medicine “John E. Savage” from Distant Planet (2015) on s/r Local
Tigernite “Dreamsnake” from Tigernite (2015) on self-released Local
Xposed 4heads “Generica” from Choose to Be Human (2015) on Internal Combustion Local
The Dirtbombs “Livin’ for the Weekend” from Ulltraglide In Black (2001) on In the Red
The Sonics “Do You Love Me?” from Do You Love Me/Money (2013) on Norton Records
Fuad & The Feztones “Beeramid” from Beeramid (2008) on Ricochet Sound
Dino, Desi and Billy “I’m a Fool” from I’m A Fool / So Many Ways (1965) on Reprise
The Sellwoods “City of People” from Primitive Finks/The Sellwoods split (2016) on Hidden Volume
The Bo-Keys featuring Harvey Scales “Work That Skirt” from Work That Skirt (2009) onElectraphonic Recording ‎
Ton Ton Macoutes “Dinero” from Dinero – Single (2016) on Slovenly Recordings
Choke Chains “Uptight” from Choke Chains (2016) on Slovenly Recordings
The Killer Kane Band “Don’t Need You” from KILLER KANE BAND 7″ EP (2016) on Hozac
Avenue Z “Marbre lisse” from Azimut (2016) on Slovenly Recordings
Coachwhips “Hey Fanny” from Hey Fanny/H.C. She (2015) on Girlsville
Andy California “My Dying Bed” from My Dying Bed – Single (2016) on Slovenly Recordings
Any Dirty Party “Just Let Me Know” from You Hate Me, I Kiss You – EP (2015) on Off Label Records
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps “Baby Blue” from Gene Vincent Sings with the Blue Caps ’57-59(1981) on EMI
Flat Duo Jets “Tribute to Gene” from Flat Duo Jets (1990) on Dog Gone
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps “Blue Jean Bop” from The Big “D” Jamboree Live (2000) onDragon Street
Ron Haydock & The Boppers “Rock Man (Tribute to Gene Vincent)” from 99 Chicks (1996) onNorton Records
Blue Crystals “Boppa Lula” from Party Party Party on Cheep! Cheep!
Monsieur Jeffrey Evans “Race with the Devil” from I’ve Lived a Rich Life (2002) on Sympathy For The Record Industry
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps “Race with the Devil” from The Screaming End (1997) on EMI
Waxing Poetics “Under a Fake Blue Sky” from Never Were … Never There (1995) on Waxing Poetics ‎
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps “Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me” from The Screaming End (1997) onEMI
Gene Vincent “Someone Help Me” from Savvy Sugar: The Pure Essence of West Coast Rock’n’Roll(2010) on Fantastic Voyage
The Senders “Cat Man” from Goodbye Cruel World (2000) on Action
Gene Vincent “The Rose of Love” from Rollin’ Rock Got the Sock (1997) on HMG
Deke Dickerson and the Trashmen “Lotta Lovin” from Bringing Back the Trash! (2014) on Major Label
Ian Dury & The Blockheads “Sweet Gene Vincent” from The Big Stiff Box Set (2007) on Salvo
Gene Vincent “Frankie and Johnny” from Bluejean Bop / Gene Vincent Rocks! and the Blue Caps Roll (2001) on EMI
Gene Vincent “Important Words” from Gene Vincent Sings with the Blue Caps ’57-59 (1981) on EMI
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps “Woman Love” from The Screaming End (1997) on EMI
The Last “Be Bop a Lula” from L.A. Explosion (1978) on Bomp! Records
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps “Be-Bop-a-Lula” from The Screaming End (1997) on EMI

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