Playlist: Zero Hour on WMSE, 11.6.15

Listen to this week’s Zero Hour, featuring music from the likes of Born Loose, JJ & the Real Jerks, the Arrogants, DM3 and more!

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Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
The Flying Burrito Brothers “Hot Burrito #2” from Farther Along: The Best of the Flying Burrito Brothers (1988) onA&M
The Art Collection “I’m a Boy & You’re a Girl” from Ka-Pow! An Explosive Collection (2015) on Big Beat (UK)
Miriam “Cheryl’s Going Home” from Down Today (2015) on Norton Records Inc.
Holly and the Nice Lions “Stop Sobbing” from Let’s Get Wild! (2011) on Memorized Dictionary Local
Born Loose “Eyes Despised” from Blowout! (2015) on Hound Gawd!
The Staggers “Come On” from Teenage Trash Insanity (2006) on Soundflat
Dirty Fences “Deep in Your Heart” from Full Tramp (2015) on Slovenly Recordings (Sweden)
The Hipshakes “Pass the Pan” from Stupid Punk Boy (2015) on Girlsville
The Sex Organs “Outer Space” from F**k the Human Race – Single (2015) on Voodoo Rhythm (USA)
The Oblivians “Christinia” from Popular Favorites (1996) on Crypt
JJ and the Real Jerks “Tuned Out” from EP (2015) on self-released (Italy)
MFC Chicken with Sister Cookie “DMAF” from Do Me a Favour (2015) on Folc
The Fox Sisters “Genesee Queen” from Under the Stars (2015) on The Fox Sisters
The Limboos “Keep Your Hands off My Pocket” from Space Mambo (2014) on Penniman
Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness “By the Grace of Mod” from By the Grace of Mod (2015) on Hidden Volume/Fandango
Archie and the Bunkers “I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Gonna Do” from Archie and the Bunkers (2015) on Dirty Water
Midnight Reruns “Where’s Ace?” from Force of Nurture (2015) on Dusty Medical Records Local
The Exotics “Sandoway” from Twangy Surf & Spy Themes Best Of The Exotics (2015) on Tiki Tone Local
Phylums “Stutter Bug” from Phylum Phyloid (2015) on Dirtnap Records Local
Midnight Reruns “Sky Blue Water” from Force of Nurture (2015) on Dusty Medical Records Local
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs “Marijuana, the Devil’s Flower” from Coulda Shoulda Woulda (2015) onTransdreamer
Becky Lee and Drunkfoot “I Wanna Kill Myself” from I Wanna Kill Myself / Clown of the Town – Single (2015) onVoodoo Rhythm (USA)
Ross Johnson & Jeffrey Evans “I’ve Had It” from Vanity Session (2014) on Spacecase Records
Alluring Strange “Trashy Dog” from Will You Marry Me? (1994) on Free election
Twin Guns “Harlem Nocturne” from The Last Picture Show (2015) on Hound Gawd!
Don Howland “Watch U Go” from Life is a Nightmare (2015) on 12XU
Holly Golightly “Empty Space” from Slowtown Now! (2015) on Damaged Goods (UK)
The Dead Milkmen “In Praise of Sha Na Na” from Metaphysical Graffiti (1990) on Enigma
The Buzzcocks “Fiction Romance” from Product (1995) on EMI (india)
The Barreracudas “Dreamin’” from Can Do Easy (2015) on Oops Baby Records
Rockpile “Oh What a Thrill” from Seconds of Pleasure (1980) on Columbia (usa)
Paul Stefen and the Royal Lancers “I Fought the Law” from I Fought the Law on Citation
The Arrogants “UFO” from No Time to Wait (2015) on Dirty Water
The Pink Tiles “Blue Rinse” from Snax, Spirits, Classic Hits (2015) on Self
James and the Ultrasounds “Sleep Cheap” from Bad to be Here (2015) on Madjack
Party Lights “Crybaby” from I See the Lights (2015) on Self Released
Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales “Desperado With the Ukulele Sound” from Everything Boom! (2015) on Off Label
The Yolks “I Wanna Be Dumb” from Don’t Cry Anymore – Single (2015) on Bachelor/Randy Records
L’Assassins “Liar” from Fire of Love – Single (2015) on Piñata Records
The Connection “Red, White & Blue” from Labor of Love (2015) on Rum Bar Records
Biscuit “Can’t Pity You” from 20 Years, A Million Beers & A Lotta Nerve (2015) on Off The Hip (Australia)
The Yawpers “9 to 5” from American Man (2015) on Bloodshot Records (USA)
Brownsville Station “I’m the Leader of the Gang” from I’m The Leader Of The Gang (1974) on Big Tree
MotoBunny “Motobunny” from Motobunny (2015) on Rusty Knuckles
The Sons Of Bido Lito “Avalanche” from Avalanche – Single (2015) on Dirty Water Records
Thee Arthur Layne “Scorpion Crawl” from HVY DRT Vol. I (2015) on WholesomeWax
The Teamsters “Girl (How Could Ya?)” from Play Along With…The Teamsters – EP (2014) on Moody Monkey Records
Phylums “Bottle of Wine” from Phylum Phyloid (2015) on Dirtnap Records Local
DM3 “Blue Thing (2015 Remaster)” from West of Anywhere (2015) on Alive Naturalsound


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