Playlist: Zero Hour on WMSE, 1.22.16

Check out this week’s Zero Hour, featuring new music from the likes of The Missing Souls, The Madcaps, Indonesian Junk, Harry Violet & the Sharks and more!

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Ramma Lamma “Zero Hour theme” from Zero Hour theme (2013) on Self Local
Kidnappers “Out In the City” from Will Protect You (2010) on Alien Snatch Records
James and the Ultrasounds “Robot Love” from Robot Love – Single (2014) on Misspent Records
The Madcaps “Taco Truck” from Hot Sauce (2016) on Howlin Banana Records
Jack-O and the Tennessee Tearjerkers “Scratchy” from The Disco Outlaw (2009) on Goner
The Missing Souls “Got to Have Your Lovin’” from Got to Have Your Lovin’ single (2016) on Hidden Volume
Johnny & The Panty Raiders “You Really Turn Me On” from On Campus! (2000) on Spinout Records
Jon & The Vons “Don’t You Want My Lovin’” from Don’t You Want My Lovin’ 45 (2015) on Hillsdale
Muck and the Mires “Pocket Change” from Dial M for Muck (2014) on Dirty Water
Harry Violet & the Sharks “Jungle Cavalcade” from Jungle Cavalcade (2016) on Dirty Water
The Fox Sisters “Shoe Drop” from Under the Stars (2015) on The Fox Sisters
Thee Jezebels “Cried Over You” from Black Book/Cried Over You (2015) on State
Thee Fine Lines “I’m Giving Up On You” from Splittin Time (2015) on Wee Rock Records
The Wolfmanhattan Project “Smells Like You” from Smells Like You / You Are My Glue – Single (2015) on In the Red
Golden Pelicans “Wild Child & the Blue Blazers” from Oldest Ride, Longest Line (2015) on Total Punk
Thee Tsunamis “Female Trouble” from Saturday Night Sweetheart (2015) on Magnetic South Recordings
Choke Chains “Cracked Dracula” from Choke Chains (2016) on Slovenly Recordings
Wet Ones “Casino” from Wet Ones (2016) on Slovenly Recordings
Born Loose “I Loathe You” from I Loathe You – Single (2015) on Hound Gawd!
Indonesian Junk “Little Malibu” from Indonesian Junk (2015) on Rum Bar Local
The Midwest Beat “Jackie Witch” from Carol Anne/Jackie Witch (2015) on Wild Honey Local
The Grovelers “Last Chance Blues” from Derelicts & Screw-Ups (2015) on The Grovelers Local
The Pukes “Murder” from EP (2015) on s/r
Clarence Reid “If It Was Good Enough for Daddy” from What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves (2006) on Rhino
The Witches Titties “Dark Passenger” from Crawl in the Dark to See the Light EP (2013) on Self
The Dynamite Pussy Club “White Sugar” from Shakedown (2015) on Wiener/Km
Psychic Baos “Eat the Mummy” from 16 Boooooty Shakin’ Classics (2015) on Magnetic South
The Two Tens “Ella Don’t Like My Hat” from Volume (2016) on Ugly Sugar
The Goodbye Johnnys “Shopping Bag” from Disaster Control (2016) on iMusician Digital
CTMF “Throwback” from A Glimpse of Another Time – EP (2016) on Damaged Goods
The Vagoos “Venom Party” from Love You 10″ (2015) on Off Label
Mikey and the Drags “Cold and Hungry” from Make You Mine (2015) on Soundflat Records
The Optic Nerve “Penelope Tuesday” from Here to Stay/Penelope Tuesday (2015) on State
The Belltowers “Here to Stay” from Here to Stay/Lovin You (2015) on Market Square
Miriam “Which End Is Up” from Down Today (2015) on Norton Records Inc.
The Ace “Food of the Gods” from Riot of Sound (2015) on self-released
Rocket from the Tombs “Hawk Full of Soul” from Black Record (2015) on Fire Records
Javier Escovedo “Downtown” from Kicked out of Eden (2016) on Saustex Media
Western Star “Ladykiller” from Fireball (2015) on Saustex Media
John Doe and The Sadies “It Just Dawned On Me” from Country Club (2009) on Yep Roc
Wreckless Eric “White Bread” from America (2015) on Fire Records
Freakwater “Falls of Sleep” from Scheherazade (2016) on Bloodshot Records
Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society “The Boy Doth Protest Too Much” from S/T (2016) on Vacilando ’68 Recordings
Oh Lazarus “Down” from Good Times (2015) on Off Label Records
Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs “Jackhammer” from Coulda Shoulda Woulda (2015) on Transdreamer
Atlantic Thrills “Bed Bugs” from Vices (2015) on Almost Ready Records
Zebra Hunt “Call It Off” from City Sighs (2015) on Tenorio Cotobade
Coolies “Phony” from Kaka (2015) on Feeding Tube
Sauna Youth “The Bridge” from Distractions (2015) on Upset The Rhythm
Blank Realm “Costume Drama” from Illegals in Heaven (2015) on Fire Records

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