My most played Albums of 2016 let’s call this category: My Generation rocks.

“the reason we didn’t sound like The Smiths is because we wanted to sound like this”
Billy Childish

say it again, 2016 may have been a total shit year for legends moving on but it was a great year for new music, now I know we all have different definitions of good and cool so I’m going to side step that and call these posts my most played albums of 2016 and there has to be a few categories so I can do this my way. 1st up is my Generation and I’m including The Sonics, Boss Hog, CTMF and Danny and The Darleans. I’ve done separate post and Interviews with these bands over the last 12 months , you can look those up and read them, the Interview with Boss Hog , is great stuff. I’m not going to go into why I think these 4 stand out , to me they should all already be in the Rock Hall of Fame , from Billy Childish to Danny Kroha, and The Sonics who could imagine that a band from the 60’s could be putting out their best stuff in 2016, that’s crazy shit my friends. All of these bands are why, I continue to spend time here , if there are 3 kids somewhere in Ohio or Utah or Paris or anywhere that get turned on to these bands from this post, then I’ve succeeded in my mission. for me. it’s been a great year here, interviewing Boss Hog, Danny Kroha are all time thrills. And this category also includes my number one most played album of 2016. Billy Childish & CTMF “SQ1” and if you haven’t watched these video’s yet , take your time but watch them all and you’ll get a better idea of why I can’t stop listening. They are all masters of the art-form of rock ‘n’ roll.

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