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So I’ve been listening to Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party since I put one of their songs up as record of the day last week. Since that day I’ve been trying to figure out why I like them so much, the voice, the lyrics, the music, reminds me of a punk version of Chuck Prophet one minute, next thing I know I’m thinking maybe a little Uncle Tupelo, it doesn’t really matter because this is really good stuff. If we had any good radio stations left and I can think of WYEP in Pittsburgh, they should be playing these guys and hopefully they already are. So start your week off with some really cool tunes and get ready to turn it up and sing along ….

Meet The Band….

Hi our name is….Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party

And our sound might be best described as….

We are…..That’s JD and he plays drums left handed. He learned how to keep real good time playing along to the first Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson records. This is Jeff Mensch, and he plays guitar pretty good. Jeremy plays bass; he was once a member of the clergy. My name is Hartwell.

We are originally from…..Respectfully: Nova Scotia by way of New Hampshire, New Jersey, Indiana, South Carolina

Who are some that have an influence on your sound?? Pavement and Rockpile

The first time we met was…..I met JD almost immediately after moving to New York in 2008. He was tending bar at Lakeside. These other guys I’d met along the way through work and bands. But not everyone had met til we got together to rehearse for a one-off last year.

We knew we were going to be a Band when……...the one-off was canceled.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….in no particular order: bartender, science teacher, art mover, bartender

Our craziest gig ever was….playing a lunchtime set of Gram Parsons songs in the plaza of an office building in midtown. The “green room” was a decrepit holding cell in an abandoned section of offices in the basement that looked like the set of The Blair Witch Takes A Meeting In Manhattan. THAT was our first gig.

The first song we wrote was…...WE are not a democracy

It’s about……2 1/2 minutes

What tunes are you currently jamming to…I have to say that new War on Drugs has a good sound. But I tend to listen to older stuff. Everything from Scott Joplin to Janis Ian.

What are some of the 1st songs you remember listening to that made you say, that’s what I want to do? The Band’s second album and GBV’s Alien Lanes

When your touring and have some time off , where could we find you..,.,probably at home or taking my kid to the playground via the record store

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us: Tip your shrink!

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