Pizzafest 666 kicks off this Thursday, June 6 in Brooklyn and this week we’re featuring a few acts that will be jamming out at the three day festival of rock and roll, beer and pizza.

Eli and Kenny are TOP NACHOS from Ridgewood, Queens by way of New Paltz, New York. The duo will help get things rolling on Thursday night with their ‘goof punk silly tunez‘ garage punk.

Their debut – ‘Dank Side of the Moon‘ rocks out with 10 tracks of loose and rowdy garage punk seasoned with classic muscle rock. Lyrically, the subject matter is topical and tackles important issues like getting high and eating Vegan Donuts, posting on Instagram, and swiping on Tinder. They even get a little political with a song called ‘Canada‘:

Time to get the fuck outa here
But Canada has shitty beer
I can’t stand to see this orange man
Go fuck yourself with your tiny hands

I was good until the ‘Canada has shitty beer’ part. But hey, maybe they’ve only had Lucky Lager?

Describe your music/sound as a pizza.

The “TOP nachos” pizza is zesty, flavorful, and will probably give you bad diarrhea the next day. Simple flavors with a powerful kick! It’s cheesy, meaty, spicy and sweet all wrapped into one dank slice. Toppings include nacho cheese, ground beef, sour cream, jalapeños and a shot of tequila just cuz.

What does it mean to the band to be a part of Pizzafest?

Nachos has wanted to be a part of Pizzafest since we were wee babes & this lineup is the best yet. We’re cheesing ourselves in anticipation! King Pizza Records is the dankest label around and we can’t wait to slice it up with our best buds. Pizzafest is the pizzaBEST!!!

Get your Pizzafest 666 TIX HERE!

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