Ramshackle garage punks The Unders don’t have to travel far for Pizzafest 666 seeing they are from Brooklyn.

The Unders are a stalwart of the fest put on by King Pizza Records and released their debut album in 2015, and another EP in 2017 with the label. It just so happens that their flavor of loose-limbed and good-natured rock & roll is perfect for getting together with friends, drinking beer and eating pizza.

The Unders are on Friday at The Gutter. Order the EP here.

Describe your music/sound as a pizza
Deep dish, BBQ Sauce, Cheddar cheese, Anchovies, Jalopeños, and Pineapple. Basically, the perfect recipe for some good old fashioned diarrhea.

What does it mean to the band to be a part of Pizzafest?
Pizzafest means the weather is warm, everyone is smiling, and there’s a strong bearded man walking in the venue with twenty pizzas stacked high on one another. A leaning tower of sorts. Also, the tunes are always rad. This is the fourth Pizzafest The Unders have had the honor to play and it’s pretty incredible to see how much King Pizza and all the people associated with it (Pizza-Folks??) have grown and evolved over that time.


Get your tix here!


The Unders – Facebook

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