Phish Closes Out Mexico Run with Filthy Funky Sets

You don’t know what true PHOMO means until you see a crowd of people splashing around on the beach while simultaneously seeing the best band ever in concert.

Phear of missing out is very, very real, people.

But when Trey says Phish is taking a break for awhile to record new music…what EXACTLY does that mean?

You see, I am still new to this but I am majorly obsessed. I have never been to a Phish show, and I am banking on going to at least five this summer…because there will be a summer tour…right? RIGHT?!?!? Anyways, as soon as Trey mentioned this “break” at last night’s final Riviera Maya, Mexico show as I was watching via webcast, I started freaking out. I think a lot of other people did as well…hopefully it means 4-5 months. I mean…he did say “see you soon….” right?!?!

Back to last night…DAYUM. So many great moments. Let’s talk about that Funky Bitch>MOMA DANCE. Page was sick last night. He was on fire. That dirty filthy funk was majorly dirty and filthy. He brought it with a vengeance! Saw It Again also was an incredible moment.

My personal highlights from the second set:

  • Crosseyed and Painless – my favorite band covering my other favorite band.
  • Weekapaug Groove – I absolutely love when I can hear this band making the tiniest yet most amazing musical choices in the moment and it turns into the tightest, funkiest jam ever.
  • Slave – Set closer and the first Phish song I ever heard. Love.
  • The Ocean – the perfect encore!

Never miss a Sunday show…I am beyond happy I was couch touring it last night. And…we will see you soon, Trey.


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  • They’ll be back on tour in July. Little break to record some of these new songs definitely will not suck, nor did watching my Phamily and phriends down in Mexico this past weekend. Definitely try to hit some west coast shows this summer if you can! It’ll definitely be a heater!

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