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Its been nearly a year since the last time I checked in on Pet Envy. That Christmas split with Matt Duncan on Soul Step Records was the surprise release was the surprise hit of the holiday season and solidified their place in the indie-pop lexicon. It’s not every day a relatively small band can hit a seasonal track so hard out of the park, it helps define their career. But where do they go from there? Up of course!

Combining elements of pop, folk, synth, and R&B, Pet Envy shouldn’t work. It’s next to impossible to mix so many genres together and retain any sense of direction. But this is where they excel. While Pet Envy does, in fact, wear many hats, each one of them looks better than the last and has a perfect fit! The Middleman/Rerun 7inch via Soul Step Records is the perfect example of a band knowing no boundaries but how to craft a satisfying pop song.

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With a vibe of Godley & Creme meets David Bowie, side A kicks things off with layered synths and a tight beat that would make Fitz and The Tantrums jealous. Once again showing off their ability to effectively blend styles, everything feels natural for Pet Envy. From a production standpoint, “Middleman” is crisp and calculated but vocally raw and passionate.

Side B’s “Rerun” kicks it up a few notches with a stronger emphasis on dance and attitude than the previous side’s groove. I’ve always complemented Pet Envy for their guitar work but with this particular track, Pet Envy has traded in their Nile Rodgers style for something that wouldn’t be out of place on a David Byrne or Roxy Music record. How does this even make sense yet sound so good?

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As with the other Pet Envy releases I’ve covered at this publication, Middleman/Rerun is available in very limited vinyl quantities. Most of the sought-after collector variants (such as a Wax Mage variant, as well as a dreamcicle orange) are likely to be gone via the Soul Step Subscriber’s list upon release. But no matter what color you get, Middleman/Rerun is a worthy addition to any and every vinyl lover’s collection.

For more info on Pet Envy, please visit petenvymusic.com

To purchase Middleman/Rerun on limited edition vinyl, visit  Soul Step Records


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