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As we slowly creep upon the third decade of the new millennium, it’s difficult to imagine a world without the artists who single-handedly influenced the music we hear now. Lou is gone, Bowie is gone, Prince is gone, even Tom Petty is no longer with us! Yeah, we have a few Beatles left as well as the Rolling Stones, but have any of those people released good music in the past few decades?

Thankfully there are a few artists progressing that legacy and moving forward out of the ashes. One such artist is Paul Jacobs.

Combining elements of Lou, Bowie, Prince (and everyone in between), Jacobs has quietly been climbing the ranks of Canada’s music scene for the past few years with a handful of albums and singles. Despite the subtle wave of street cred, Jacobs has found himself on stages as small as local dives all the way up to major festivals. Even getting the approval of one of our last men standing, Iggy Pop! If it gets Iggy’s attention, you already know it’s an interesting release.

Speaking of releases, with so many DIY albums under his belt, trying to find a solid entry point to Jacob’s career can be a daunting task. Fortunately, our friends at Nomad Eel Records have your back. The indie label has recently reissued Jacob’s album EASY on extremely limited edition vinyl! EASY is the perfect place to start the musical adventure that is Paul Jacobs.

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Part noise pop and ambient, EASY is a unique display of supersonic psychedelica! 

Jangly guitars, distorted melodies, fuzzy vocals, and experimental layers are buzzing throughout every single track on the album. One minute you’re climbing face-first down a rabbit hole Tame Impala would sell an appendage to achieve. The next, you’re soaring through space on a rocket made up incense and shrooms! The best way I can describe it would be like The Flaming Lips recording Bowie’s Low with Jeff Lynne at the helm. If that doesn’t sell you, I haven’t the slightest clue what would!

I suppose if you’re a vinyl collector, the limited number of copies produced could be the deal-breaker. With only 300 copies made in the reissue, EASY looks to be not only an instant classic but a sought after collector’s item! You can get your copy right now by visiting Nomad Eel Records today!

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