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Song River: Originally what was the attraction to electronica?

Lou Miceli: Well I wouldn’t necessarily call it electronica, but our producer/DJ really got us all into it. We all became infatuated with different styles of music and this was a main part.

SR: Coming together from New Jersey, what were the influences that brought you together, and drew you all towards the bands development?

Lou: The band all came from New Jersey except for me (I’m from Florida). They all went to high school together or close to each other and that’s how they started to play music together. I was added later when their previous singer left. Being from such good musical states it was all kind of natural. The tri-state area has always had such a blend of amazing music so that helped.

SR: Was the band originally formed around electronica and then post hard core was added to develop a Rave sound? Or vice versa? Talk about the sound mix and how you arrived.

Lou: When we started we definitely played it safe and went the post hardcore route with little hints of electronic music on top, but as we started to grow as artists and have our musical taste buds heighten it became more of- let’s just make the music that comes natural to us based off of what we love and listen to. “High and Low” off of our album “Outcasts” was the first true venture and that direction and It was the model for our album “Mind Games” and ultimately our sound.

SR: Would you consider Palisades to be labeled as a “Rave” band?

Lou: Not at all, because labeling a band is putting it into a box and that is something we never wish to limit ourselves to.

SR: How challenging is it to meld these two styles?

Lou: It really comes very naturally to us.

SR: There was a ton of thumbs up from your fans back in 2014 when you all did the Beyonce cover, “Drunk in Love.”

Lou: Honestly, when we released the “Drunk In Love” cover we didn’t really get too much response at first, but it seems like now it’s been reaching people organically which is awesome.

SR: Do you have requests for your version to be played often live?

Lou: A lot of kids ask us and we did play it once.

SR: Has Beyonce herself ever contacted you over your version?

Lou: Ha,ha! No, but I wish she did that would be great!

SR: With 2 Ep’s and 2 Studio Albums, how has “Mind Games” (2015) been received?

Lou: Mind Games has been the best received musical venture thus far which is great because they shows forward progress.

SR: Watching the video to “No Chaser,” I felt like I was getting an overdose of alcohol, and drugs just by watching it mentally. Message here, as I felt this song spoke strongly to a point that may be a bit deeper than just the abuse of consuming too much liquor. 

Lou: Honestly it was just kind of metaphor for a love interest that’s got you messed up in all sorts of way. That’s what we wanted to portray, how someone can make you feel so many different ways like you’re wasted on substances.

SR: Reading some of the reviews over “Mind Games,” do you feel that the album tried to tackle too many styles and fit them into one album? Or do you feel like it flows just fine… (respond to why it fit what you wanted.)

Lou: I feel like it fit exactly what we wanted and for the people who say it was too many genres, they just don’t understand what we’re trying to accomplish. We want to amass certain genres that we like into one genre and that genre is Palisades. Our own unique sound that no one can replicate.

SR: As you all work together, do you each take a part of a songs development? How does your process work to create?

Lou: Usually it starts out with our guitarists Matt and Xavier making the skeletons of the songs and we hand it over to our DJ/Producer and then we collectively go over how we want everything to sound and add the vocals in last.

SR: I had a few fans ask about the ‘character symbols’ used along with Palisades… care to elaborate?

Photo Credit: Kurt Cuffy

Lou: Yeah, its Japanese katakana. We’re all big into fashion and that’s where a lot of our fashion sense comes from and it was a growing trend so we hopped on it before anyone else did. 

SR: Have you found the east coast fandom different from the west coast? How about your fans overseas?

Lou: I feel east coast and west coast both show love very well, but European kids are on a whole new level because they don’t get shows as often, so I feel that they really appreciate it.

SR: Your band has six members… what is life-like traveling and touring? Give your fans a glimpse into your life on the road.

Lou: It’s like being with your brothers, it’s annoying and amazing at the same time! Ha,ha.

SR: Is there one of you who is the loudest? 

Lou: Lou

SR: One who snores?

 Lou: Xavier 

SR: One who always steals the last slice of pizza?

Lou: Xavier

SR: How do you all get along?

Lou: Really well!

SR: What do you do in between stops to keep up with being tired and the driving road hours?

Lou: Malls, gyms, movies, food.

SR: Favorite games to play while touring on the bus? I.E. Cards, video games, find the out-of-state license plate?

Lou: We love to play the scenario game ha,ha! Where we make up all crazy scenarios and say would you rather do this or that. They’re usually realllllllyyyy weird and funny!

SR: What is it you want most to give your fans? 

Lou: We want to give our fans an experience. So much so that when they leave the show they leave saying, “I have honestly never heard anything like that before, but that is my new favorite band.”

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