Palaver Records Blowout Show

Palaver Records Blowout

So I am moving a bit slow, I know, I get it, I apologize. But yes I wanted to write-up a sort of live review on the blowout show put on last week by Palaver Records at FooBar here in Nashville. Last Thursday, Jan. 14th, was Palaver Records 3rd year anniversary or birthday if you’d rather, for putting on live shows at FooBar every Thursday night. Nineteen bands played on three different stages starting at 8, playing well into the night. And the lineup was crazy!

Palaver Records Blowout

I managed to score the last parking spot and I got there not long after it started, about 8:30. Walking in I could feel the excitement. The crowd was people playing in the bands due on stage that night, and mostly fans like me. I checked out the stages, The East Room had also devoted a stage to the bash down the street. I caught the end of the band Tetherball and hopped over to Foo Too stage and checked out Step Sisters. Don’t be fooled though, step sisters they are not, as they are four guys who definitely know how to execute some grunge-psych sounds. They were good, hardcore garage rock. They set the tone pretty high for the crowd, that was already really into the music. I didn’t really want to leave that room after they played. I stayed for SoftCrush, and maybe got a soft crush on the guitarist. His brilliant and detailed guitar skills totally blew me away. After that I needed some air and roamed around a bit. All the bands were great, the crowd was fully engaged, listening to these awesome Nashville bands. Allen Thompson Band was rocking and Kim Logan’s voice made me love her. As I made my way back to the “rock room” I’ll call it, I got to see The Gills. I just love The Gills. They are just so comfortable on stage and when they start another song, you immediately just start jumping. It is almost as if there is a little red sign above the stage telling the audience what to do. There was some major crowd surfing going on. The bands hard-hitting beats and lush vocals kept up with the energy. Next up, was Daddy Issues. Probably my most anticipated, okay not probably, I went there to see them. Aside from the fact they keep me smiling on a daily basis on Twitter, these girls know how to do it. Unfortunately only two out of three members (both Jenna’s) were there but it wasn’t any less awesome. They completely lived up to my imagination. Their hardcore grunge lo-fi sound hit home with the songs they played for us. I couldn’t really hear anything for two days after that, but I do believe the hearing loss I did incur was totally worth it. So a big thank you to Palaver Records and FooBar and all the bands in between for making me love my city a bit more!!

Daddy Issues

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