Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey….New Album Coming Soon From ….The Dirtbombs

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We found this news from a comment Mick Collins made on this site, yesterday. After searching for more news or hopefully a track to listen to, I did find this short interview Mick did with Pure Detroit….http://www.puredetroit.com/index.php/music/24-hours-in-detroit-with-the-dirtbombs-mick-collins-231.html

24 Hours In Detroit With The Dirtbombs’ Mick Collins

JUNE 5, 2013 — Speaking with us from his home in Brooklyn, the Dirtbombs’ Mick Collins is quick to point out that he still has the Pure Detroit shirt he wore on the back cover of the band’s 2001 record “Ultraglide In Black.”


We’re quick to point out how awesome that is.


It was one of the few items Collins was able to hang onto as his former home was being foreclosed on. He’s not sure how he was able to hang onto it. It sort of represents his overall feelings about Detroit. He’s anxious to come back home, but the work is in Brooklyn. He’s producing records out there, started a new band — the Wolfmanhattan Project.


To boot, the Dirtbombs are due to drop a new album — a bubblegum pop record entitled “Ooey Gooey Chewie Kablooew!” via In The Red Records at some point in July. It would’ve been June, explains Collins, but there was a delay over the Archies-inspired artwork. Doesn’t get much more bubblegum pop than that, folks.


This weekend, Collins and the Dirtbombs will perform at the Metallica-curated Orion Music Festival on Belle Isle.


“I would love to tell you that I got a cold call from James Hetfield, but no,” laughs Collins. “It all went through everyone’s official channels. My agent said, ‘You have an offer to play Belle Isle.’ We said yes before we really knew what it was.”


As brief as the opportunity to come home is, Collins is thrilled to be performing on the gem of Detroit.


“I’m proud to play Belle Isle,” explains Collins. “I’m proud to be part of this thing because we are definitely a Detroit band. If you would’ve told me it would’ve been on a show with Metallica, I might not have been able to stop laughing.”


It’s been “too long” since Collins has made his way home, but throughout our conversation, it’s clear he misses home. All of the news that pops up on his smartphone is programmed to be local Detroit stations and outlets. So much so that “on some days, it just feels like I’m just living in some weird neighborhood in Detroit I haven’t discovered,” chuckles Collins.


So, with tried-and-true Detroiter Collins wrapped up with rock ‘n roll in Brooklyn, what would the lead singer of the Dirtbombs do with 24 hours in the Motor City?


Turns out it’s all about the pizza, record shopping and contemporary art.


“First things first, my initial stop would be at People’s Records to say hi to Brad,” Collins says. “I’m actually looking for a couple LPs that he’s probably got.”


As an admitted “record glutten,” Collins points out that the Oak Park double dip of Bookbeat and Street Corner Music wouldn’t be far behind.


Next? The Mediterranean pizza at Motor City Brewing Works washed down with a cold Nut Brown or Ghettoblaster.


With lunch wrapped up and daylight slipping away, it’s onward to the MOCAD for that “contemporary art fix.” [PD]


Their new record — the awesomely titled “Ooey Gooey Chewie Kablooew!” is due out this July via In The Red Records.


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