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The primary reason we started up this website was to have our readers discover new music and get a chance to listen to artists that they might otherwise miss out on.
Since 50thirdand3rd began 3 years ago, we have had the opportunity to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of other music junkies with the same passion as we do.
We have also been able to network with recording artists, record labels, radio shows, nationwide podcasts and other music bloggers.
The other day Joshua B. Hoe featured 50thirdand3rd on his own blog onpiratesatellite.com. His blog covers many different topics such as politics, TV shows, sports, book reviews and of course music. His website is actually named after a Clash song, so that almost makes us kin. Along with running his blog, Joshua is also a published author.
You can follow him on twitter at Joshua B. Hoe and be sure to check out his latest blog posts on onpiratesatellite.com!

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Exiled New Englander now living in Canada. I dream in Spanish but can't speak it. I wish I'd grown up as an old black man playin' the blues just like my father.

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