One Of My Top New Bands of 2014… Meet…Death Valley Girls

deathvalley girls

I haven’t heard an opening riff on guitar this good since I was a kid. The 1st time I listened to The Death Valley Girls, I was hooked. Driving and pounding blues spilling all over the place and that voice is killer . Rock n Roll at its primeval explosion. This debut is mandatory listening to anyone who digs music. Simply superb. and…they got into answering the questions so there are a few videos for you to watch but don’t forget to listen to this excellent debut album “Street Venom” from Death Valley Girls.

Hi our name is….
Death Valley Girls!!

People say we sound like…..
Lightning channeled through amps and drums

We are….
Larry, The Kid, Bonnie and Rocky

We are originally from…..

Who are some that have an influence on your sound??
Bo Diddley, Iggy/Stooges, Black Sabbath, MC5, Velvets, Little Eva, Godzilla, Alice Cooper, Mississippi Fred McDowell, 1977, 1966 , Roky Erickson, Seeds, Electric Eels, Lester Bangs…

The first time we all decided to get together and make some music…
We stayed all night:)

Books we recommend …
Be my baby- Ronnie Spector – autobiography, lotso Phil Spector – OG girl group – invent the world you want insight
Rebel heart – bebe buell- deep insight to best era to be a groupie. (I want groupies!)
The Family- Ed Sanders
Hollywood Babylon- Kenneth Anger
Shadow Morton bio
Lobotomy- any book written by
Dee Dee
Edie – so good 60s NY rise and demise
Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock and Roll Band – Ian Svenonius
From the Velvets to the Voidoids- Clinton Heylin
Sleazoid Express- Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford
The Ghastly One (Andy Milligan bio)- Jimmy Mcdonough
Nightmare U.S.A. – Stephen Thrower (THE horror/exploitation movie bible)
Uptight, the Velvet Underground story- Victor Bockris
Forced Entries- Jim Carroll
Return of the Repressed: Destroy All Monsters 1973-1977 -Nicole Rudick

Can you tell us about the process you use, from writing the songs all the way through getting the album ready?
Jam in the practice space, Bonnie writes the words , jam more, record on phone. next song.

Our craziest gig ever was….
Hmmm, opening for Charles Bradley at the Henry Fonda was crazy

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….

That’s not a fair question!!! Id wanna be a kid in England, dying, waiting to hear the newest sounds of rock and roll from America, running home after school to see if me albums have arrived! .. Or NY anytime 20s-70s LES, VU, CBs, or a kid annoying Motown to get to do back up vox, or or or!! Austin 66′! Detroit 69′! Cleveland 74′! Australia 76′!

Growing up, at home we listened to…..
Crickets, (not even The Crickets:(

What tunes are on heavy rotation for you…
Gun Club, Light of The World

YouTube player

Black Sabbath Paris 1970 Live Full Concert

Mariska veres, Someone.

YouTube player

UFO, Treacle People

YouTube player

Index, Street Crime.

YouTube player

Hawkwind, Lost Johnny

YouTube player

George Brigman, I feel alright

YouTube player

The Ugly Ducklings, just in case you wonder

YouTube player

The Twilighters, Nothing can bring me down

YouTube player

The Kid-
Simply Saucer – Dance the Mutation

YouTube player

James Carr – Pouring Water on a Drowning Man

YouTube player

Flamin’ Groovies – Yesterday’s Numbers

YouTube player

Clone Defects – Low Fashion Lovers

YouTube player

If you could open for any band right now who would that be and why? Hmm. Just one? Ex Hex,
Roky Erickson or Iggy.

If you could give any advice to the kids who are just picking up their 1st guitar or drum sets and want to be in a rock n roll band , what’s your advice?
Larry- learn 2 or 3 chords , one drum beat , you’re ready to play a show.
The Kid – Play along to/learn songs that you love. Get your friends to play too and start a band.

When you are touring and have some time off , where could we find you..,.,
Bonnie – practice space in back. Daydreaming
Larry – watchin’ horror movies on vhs , playin’ guitar.
The Kid – daytime- thrifting, watching movies / nighttime- at a show

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us
Bonnie- I just hope it has the same effect that my favorite bands and songs have on me… To be
timeless, epic, chill inducing, gut-wrenching, life changing. Listened to a million times, then come back months later and still get goose bumps. Make you wanna drive, dance, make out, party, day-dream, fall in love, get stoned, make mistakes, learn Larry’s parts note for note, and last but not least listened to when there’s real bad turbulence on a plane, and while it may be hard, choosing one of our songs to be the last they ever hear

Listen to this NOW…..

and you can follow/keep up with Death Valley Girls….

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