One of my favorite Albums ….. ‘Athens, GA – Inside/Out’


This album made a huge difference to me. There were bands on here that I had never listened to, but all these years later ,Bands that I still love. This was the first time I had ever heard The Flat Duo Jets, I must have played Crazy Hazy Kisses 20 times in a row before I went on to the next song. Here are some of the songs leading off with The Flat Duo Jets…and ending with Dream, REM








Album Track List…

1. The Squalls, “Na Na Na Na”
2. Flat Duo Jets, “Crazy Hazy Kisses”
3. R.E.M., “(All I’ve Got To Do Is) Dream”
4. Love Tractor, “Pretty”
5. Kilkenny Cats, “Nightfall”
6. Time Toy, “Window Sill”
7. Pylon, “Stop It”
8. Time Toy, “Hi”
9. Bar-B-Q Killers, “His and Hearse”
10. Dreams So Real, “Golden”
11. R.E.M., “Swan Swan H”
12. Flat Duo Jets, “Jet Tone Boogie”
13. The Squalls, “Elephant Radio”

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