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“THE CONNECTION GETS IT!” – Steven Van Zandt, The Underground Garage
“Crawling From The Wreckage Of A Saturday Night,” the debut single from LET IT ROCK, The Connection’s brand new full-length LP, is the band’s THIRD “Coolest Song in the World” in under a year on Little Steven’s Underground Garage. It’s a kick-ass rocker about a scene we all know very well: Where’s my wallet, where’s my keys? / I… can’t understand why I do these things /My head is pounding my throat is dry / I’m crawling from the wreckage of a Saturday night… The Underground Garage is also putting LET IT ROCK’s swaggering “Girls In This Town” into heavy rotation, declaring, “The production on these songs is great; I mean fantastically great. These guys get it.” High praise indeed from the driving force behind America’s hippest radio station.
The Rolling Stones took their name from a Muddy Waters song. The Connection, New England’s newest hit-makers, have carried on the tradition, naming the band for a Stones rocker to bring fans across the world a fresh take on the best of the British Invasion sound. LET IT ROCK features a dozen original Marino/Palmer power-pop/rock gems. From the breakneck-paced opener, “Wrong Side of 25,” to the seductive melody and breathtakingly cool guitar solo of Beatles-influenced “She’s A Keeper,” to the driving, Exile-era power of “Girls In This Town” — “There’s so many girls in this town/You can’t let just one hold you down”– to the infectious harmonies and pure, propulsive beauty of “The Way Love Should Be,” The Connection bring passion, melodic hooks, and more than a few very cool surprises to this rip-roaring rock & roll record.    https://www.facebook.com/theconnectionRnR/info

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