“Oh By the Way…It’s Natalie Sweet” – Debut LP (Surfin Ki Records)

Album Cover/Photo: Mat Dunlap

Happy Valentines Day, BBs! Yeah, I know, Valentines is commercial and puts all this pressure on people to be romantic or have a sweetheart or get a Valentine card. Yeah, well, not on my watch! I know it’s early, but getcha dancin’ shoes on and dress to impress, we’re gonna have some fun ’cause I got somethin’ sweet…Natalie Sweet, that is!

Oh by the way… is former Shanghais frontwoman and one-time Control Freaks guitarist, Natalie Sweet’s solo debut and it’s some fun ‘n’ flirty kickass power pop with plenty of girl group sugar and new wave rock ’n’ roll spice guaranteed to getcha doin’ “The Shanghai”. Natalie’s our Valentine and she’s bringing the party, we’re talkin’ all-stars, too; Morten Henriksen (The Yum Yums), Devin Clark Jorgenson (Color TV), and Travis Ramin (Fevers, Nikki Corvette & the Stingrays, Tina & the Total Babes ). And our sweetie’s got the cure for whatever ails ya! Boyfriend/girlfriend treating ya bad? (“Lip Service”,  “Hit And Run”)? Natalie’s gotchu! Is breakin’ up hard to do? (“I Don’t Want To Need You (tonight)”, “Bottle of Wine”, “I’m Wrong You’re Gone” ) Fuggedaboutit! Ready to #DTMF? (“LA Loser”, “Goodbye”) On Valentines Day? Wow, that’s cold! I keed, I keed! Stay strong! Okay, maybe you wanna make things work… I mean it is Valentine’s Day… wink, wink(“Eye Candy”,”Don’t Worry, Babe”, “Good Love”)? No judgment, here! It’s all good, dump ’em over a slice of pizza, tomorrow (Pizza Man)…bwahahaha! This chick’s a hoot! I know “Pizza Man” is a National Lampoon parody, but I swear, it’s like the greatest song The Juicy Fruits never wrote – please, please, please do a video!!!

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Preorder Oh By the Way…It’s Natalie Sweet on vinyl or CD from Surfin’ Ki or as a digital album from Bandcamp, today (Due out on February 18th!!!)

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