Of This & Other Worlds…..Hidden Masters


This band makes you think Psych, the sound is a little familiar but then it seems to turn into something new.

their bio

HIDDEN MASTERS have been catching ears and turning heads lately with their idiosyncratic blend of progressive pop, psych, folk and dramatic rock’n’roll styles and electrifying live performances. The Glasgow-based trinity’s dynamic ensemble sound, lively arrangements and lush three-part harmony vocals can be heard to great effect on their debut release.
From the menacing, urgent drones of ‘Nobody Knows That We’re Here’, with nods to the likes of Tomorrow and Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, through the insistent baroque pop odyssey of  ‘Grey Walls Grey’, coming on almost like a manic depressive Move or Hollies, these cuts are positively aglow with melody, movement and imagination.

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