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I’ll admit, I am not the target audience for Los Angeles based singer/rapper Cat Clark, but when this track showed up in my inbox I gave it a listen, and then another, and another, and another. It had me vibing as they say, because after all, a great song is a great song.

Ghost‘ is a moody and intimate slow jam that evokes the indie elegance of a band like Daughter.  I get the sense that the track would easily stand on its own with just an acoustic guitar and Clark’s expressive voice, but the pulsing bass does sound amazing in the car.

The one-time professional surfer moves seamlessly between singing and rapping and has plans to release an EP called ‘Hurts to Love‘ this month. It’s something we’ll keep our eye for because the three tracks she’s released in 2020 showcase her talent with the arrow pointing at genre-defying artists like Bat For Lashes or Santigold.

Ghost‘ is produced by UK/LA producer JiKay.

How does Jean-Michel Basquiat inspire you?
Growing up, I’ve always been drawn to people who take a complete freehand approach to life. I’ve always found it far more important to follow your creative, contemplative mind than to conform to society. Basquiat completely and utterly embraced that approach to life. He had hardly anything in the beginning of his career but continuously followed his inclination to create. He saw his own genius, even before the world took notice. I love the idea of knowing your place in the universe even before the world gives recognition. It’s an emotion I have often felt myself, being a young and aspiring artist. It’s not pride, but a recognition of our extensive creativity in the world, and it is bliss to be able to create. I relate with Basquiat because he also experienced the darker sides of life, and instead of turning to aggression, he expressed himself through art, making his emotions accessible to all sorts of people experiencing the same emotions.

The track speaks to a battle with mental health, tell us about your relationship with depression.
As an adolescent, I endured a series of traumatic experiences that left me with battles that, to this day, I have finally learned to identify and release. When you have trauma as a child, adult or really in any period in life, it creates cycles that can feels utterly inescapable. Growing up I was a model and semi-pro surfer for an international brand. When my depression hit, it changed me as a person. I watched as people who used to shower me with love and praise began to avoid me like a plague. As a seventeen-year-old, it was devastating. I was having suicidal thoughts, while I watched my career slip from my fingertips. For a long time, it was hard for me to forgive myself. But artists often create beautiful things from these dark places, and the further I dove into music, I was able to refine my identity and find a new love and appreciation for myself. It was not based in the opinions of others, but based in a feeling of triumph and acceptance for myself at every point in my life. I was able to have compassion for my low points, where I before felt anxiety and shame. This type of self-acceptance gave me the ability to lead myself back to happiness again, and I am now able to guide others as well. It has helped me develop compassion for others, something that only hit the surface level in my adolescent years. Depression can be rough, but at the end of the day, it is a teacher. The hard times can teach us just as much as the good.

What’s up for 2020?
2020 is all about releasing music. I have a couple of bigger releases on the radar, but my primary goal is getting as much good content out as possible. I will be playing shows in the LA area and working on getting my music out into the world! I love to create meaningful visuals and storylines, so expect a couple of those too!


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