New Swears: The Party Is What You Make It


You’d better get your ass over to the New Swears Bandcamp page and check them out. Do it soon, because if you watch any of the Ottawa band’s videos, it’s possible that they may not be alive much longer.

My son loved the title of their latest record: Junkfood Forever, Bedtime, Whatever, and he was pretty interested in the hockey video for “No Fun” (below). But he’s 13 so we didn’t get too far into that one.

But let’s forget the insane lifestyle for a moment and talk about the music. New Swears pump out songs that sound like a shot of Paul Westerberg, with two fingers of Brian Wilson, shaken together with a slice of Black Lips. It’s a perfect snarling, sneering, catchy garage rock and roll cocktail, chilled with pop hooks and hand-claps. For a bit of background, New Swears live in a place called the Fun Boy Club House and they used to be called The Girlfriends. I heard they were even crazier back then.

We got some other answers (?) from Sammy.

New Swears are…..?

Bunch of fun-loving guys trying to make it in a dangerous world, it’s a cruel summer after all.

Sammy J. Scorpion
Scru Bar
Nick NoFun
Beej eh

How did you guys meet and become New Swears?

We all met in Kijiji. Just kidding, we met on Ancestry.ca we are all brothers and sisters after all #weareallinnocent

Describe your live show for anyone who hasn’t seen the band.

We’re like the beach boys, but we don’t use auto-tune. #wouldntitbenice

You guys just toured in Europe – what was that like? – where did you play and with what other bands?

Europe was bossa nova. We played 6 different countries. Nick massaged a guy in a wheel chair and punched a ghost in the face.

What do you have to say to parents whose kids might watch your videos, particularly “See You in Hull”? – Jeezus, I never did shit like that…

I would say “listen daddy-o, times are changing. Mama let him play, he’s too young for the blues”. #boys2men

That house sure gets a lot of action…what are your neighbours like?

One time our neighbour came over at 7 am because the party was too loud, so we kicked his ass.

New Swears single-handedly dismantle Canadian stereotypes (except for hockey, snow and beer) – but what’s it like being a band like New Swears in the Nation’s Capital? (Even though Ottawa has a rich and underrated punk/powerpop history).

People automatically think Ottawa is lame because it’s a government town, but like we always say, “the party is what you make it”. And in this case the town is….. #dontwannamissathing

But seriously… there are a lot of great sounds on the new record (Replacements, Beach Boys, Black Lips, Spaceshits) and it’s noticeably more accomplished and polished than last years’ “Funny Isn’t Real” (not a knock, just an observation). What influenced the writing this time around?

Classic new swears writing style but with a modern recording twist.

The Replacements started as a fun boy punk band – will you guys settle down one day?

Did Robin Williams give up on Matt Damon? #howdoyoulikethemapples

What’s next for New Swears in 2014/2015?

Bunch of singles coming out, writing a new full length. Couple new video ideas. Nick just bought some really cool new sneakers. #followyourdreams

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