New Music – ‘She’s really good’ by The Zemblas

alright my last new music post of the day is some very cool garage infused soul from France. Give a listen to these cool tracks and dig on the idea that music is a universal language…

This LP is now ready for pre-order at Get Hip – Store

Second LP for this soul/rhythm’n blues band from the French Riviera, featuring members from the Dum Dum Boys, Playboys, Dino Farfisa & The Fuzz, and more. Contains 12 sizzling new tracks including “Coffee Grind” and “Going Nowhere.”
After playing in many band (Playboys, Dum Dum Boys, Captain Rock, Tikis, Dino Farfisa and the fuzz and other tests …) the five members of this soul band decided to go to the roots of all they have done previously.

After a first album “Too much too soul” mixed in Detroit by Jim Diamond in 2012, The Zemblas hit on the road to preach the word soul. They are back now with a new LP 12 tracks titled “You better call soul.” Perhaps more eclectic in composition but also more energetic intent this new album will hit the decks in September.

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