New Music – Port Bou by Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal have a new album on the way. ‘…and then it fell out of my head’ , download and streaming from March 30th , 2017. This is the first shared track off of ‘…and then it fell out of my head’. Cool stuff, give a listen , add to your playlist of cool songs of 2017!!

Maybe it’s an acknowledgment to some undisclosed dock town affinity, but the mersey-psych sound of “Port Bou” opens proceedings in swaggering style on this the band’s fourth album. As ever, strong melodies abound and the lyrical content engages, often most inspired when observing life’s weirder moments, such as with “Locked Together On The Lines” where frontman Oliver recounts his grandmother’stale of walking past two dead lovers on local ‘beauty spot’ Chatham Lines…. a sight anyone from the Medway Towns am sure will be familiar with. Choruses often feel like they’re bursting their neck to break the tape at the 100 metres and the art of the three minute pop song is very much in evidence, most notably with the Undertones-esque adrenalin rush of “Tune Out”, whilst more contemplative numbers such as “Teardrop” and “Standing In The Land” steady things for a while and offer the listener a well deserved breather from what is a pretty high octane collection of tunes, culminating in the frantic penultimate title track…. “so turn me around, i’m inside out, upside down, so stretch me out …and then it fell out of my head!”. The river is a common reference point for Theatre Royal, whether it be physical or metaphorical and still holds its sway over the band’s more yearning and questioning lyrical themes and as with the closing sentiments of “Staring Into The Void” it finds our protagonists cut adrift once more, lost at sea…… oh the boundless possibilities.

Theatre Royal

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