New Music – Melt Dunes – ‘Flesh’

Introducing Melt Dunes and their new single ‘Flesh’ because we can never have enough good psych tunes to help get us through the week. Trippy synth , has a little ELP vibe ,nice guitar riffs. If you like The Black Angels , give a listen….

Formidable by nature and not only by name, those Psychedelic Southsea Noise peddlers at Strong Island Recordings​ are putting out a hulking monster of a track from seaside spectres Melt Dunes.

The song in question is ‘Flesh’, a near 6-minute krautrock workout played with the gusto of The Stooges ​and the subtleties of CAN. ​The band charge mercilessly through the track with a cutting, persistent and droning synth providing the fuel for guitars to scream, drums to bludgeon and vocals to burn down a night sky with. It’s ‘Waiting for the Man’ for a disenchanted beach kid who’ll wait for no man, who knew chewing up a classic was going to sound so good, so twisted and so unique in an ocean of bands trying a little too hard to be The Growlers, King Gizzard and Ty Segall ​rather than become peers and equals?

‘Flesh’ is the first of many great numbers the band are set to release, with a ton of live shows booked the first part of this year, Melt Dunes ​will pummel and hypnotise the crowds with fuzzed out bass, Evil synths and heavy protopunk guitars, all doused in the winter sea mist anddelivered in a closed fist caked in slime from another planet.


4 FEBRUARY – Hoodoos, London

23 FEBRUARY – Epsom SU, Epsom

24 FEBRUARY – The Alex, Southampton

3 MARCH – The Festing, Portsmouth

4 MARCH – The Crofter’s Rights, Bristol

Melt Dunes:


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