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Mark Sultan surely needs no introduction around these parts, but his pedigree is so impressive we’re going to give you one anyway.

The Montreal native is an iconic figure in the garage rock world and practically a Sybil with multiple aliases; Von Needles, Creepy, Bridge Mixture, Needles, Celeb Prenup, and of course, BBQ.

Known as half of the legendary King Khan & BBQ Show, Mark has been in bands such as Mind Controls, Les Sexareenos and The Spaceshits. He has collaborated with The Deadly Snakes, Jack Oblivian, The Demon’s Claws, The Black Lips, The Spits and The Gris Gris to name a few.

He’s a true rock and roll nomad with a matinée idol voice.

Mark’s new 4 song EP was recently released as a self-recorded/self-released 45, available on Sultan Records, and it’s vintage BBQ.

The Other Two leads off with a smooth 70s vibe built around a sweet chorus. Broken Arms works out to Bo Diddley before sliding into Kinks territory. Agitated is a standout track for me with Mark channeling Eric Burdon over a jangling guitar and tub-thumping drum. Closer, Rock Me is a 50s-doo-wop stroll that really showcases that matinée idol voice.

Overall this release is another jewel in the turban.

Mark Sultan/BBQ – Facebook

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