If you are looking for a little bit of garage stomping punk madness, Slovenly is the place you want to visit. All 3 of these bands are cranking it up a notch, just in time to get all of us ready for the weekend. Give a listen to these 3, head over to Slovenly Recordings and explore a little more, and if you’re already a big fan , like me, hit that pre-order link….

Slovenly imprint Black Gladiator was founded on the principle that Andy Macbain (Tunnel of Love, The Monsieurs, Andy California) is the last true savior of rock’n’roll. Along with the mighty Billy Childish, Mark Sultan, King Khan, Haunted George, Oblivians, Cheater Slicks, Gories and a monkey’s paw full of others that were actually there for, and brought up on, 20th century noise, Andy California is an essential and spiritual component of the great force of primal, rhythmic skronk, and possibly the only man left with the sincerity and inalienable right to deliver it. With three tracks deliberately more BLUES than his usual pop hook snarl, this EP is the last goddamn word in testosterone soaked primitivity.

Two guys from Italy got together in Florence to make some noise that, on the first hear, might remind you of your worn copies of the earliest BLACK LIPS albums. A careful listen reveals a lot happening that makes these recordings stand out: blown out guitar string drag, gatling gun drums, and… fingersnaps? Or are those hand-claps? Or knee slaps? Take whatever it is, funnel it all into a wind tunnel, with an eerie air horn blaring from above, Luca & Fabio howling from below, and guitars jangling through to the end, and you get two slovenly tracks by THE DIRTIEST. Mastered in Athens by Nikos Lavdas.

Slovenly imprint I Shit In The Milk Records -reserved strictly for basura de España- returns with a new EP from TON TON MACOUTES (Creole boogeyman, that is) featuring skin pounder Bel Bel from Slovenly alumni WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!!. The “Dinero” EP is a voodoo swamp garage suicidal jetliner with stops in Memphis, Australia and NYC ca. 1977 – and with an obligatory nod to The Gories. This is a split release with Spain’s Mongolic Records limited to 666 copies on white wax.

Slovenly Recordings:

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