Canadian rockers The Hypnotics have been purveyors of a straight-ahead rock sound with garage influences for a decade now.

Formed in Windsor, Ontario – across the river from Detroit, by brothers Mike and Dave Konstantino, The Hypnotics take their cue from the no-frills sounds of The Stooges, Stones, and The Replacements. There are alsa hints of the 90s guitar-centric rock of Archers of Loaf and the garage rock stylings of The Von Bondies from the Motor City.

The latest release ‘Soul At Seven’ is an older track and we hooked up with the band to get the lowdown.

Your last album, Modern Art Entertainment was released in 2015, what have you guys been up to since then?

We were playing shows and have been writing new songs. We released it on vinyl a little later so that record had a lot of longevity to it. We were ready to start recording but the pandemic hit, so we are waiting for things to get back to normal. But we have ideas now for probably two albums.

Soul at Seven was left off your debut, why release it 9 years later?

Soul at Seven was recorded during the sessions for our first album, but it never fit in with the rest of the material on that album and we didn’t put it on there. When the pandemic hit, we had some extra time to listen to some of the things we had from our past recording sessions and rediscovered the song and decided to release it as a single. It was never mixed at the time, so we sent it up to our original producer on the first album, Dean Marino, in Toronto and he mixed it. It sounds like a new recording, but it’s from those original sessions and doesn’t sound like anything on that first record.

What’s up for 2021?

We have a lot of new songs and are looking forward to eventually getting back into the studio to record our next album. We’re just waiting for things to get back to normal first because of the pandemic.


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