New Music Blast: The Blistering Hardcore of FACELIFT

Blasting out of Thousand Palms California comes Facelift. On their forthcoming record ‘SinceForeverTillWhenever‘ the raging thrashcore merchants deliver a straight forward but blistering hardcore record injected with hooks.

We first came across Facelift when their wicked track ‘Bored Mothefucker‘ was featured on the excellent compilation ‘LA Needs A Riot’.

We said: “Back in my 20s ‘Bored Motherfucker’ by Facelift would’ve been on every single mixed tape I made. And by the way this is not the crap emo band you’ll find on Spotify; these guys play a scorching, fast hardcore like Stormtroopers of Death/Municipal Waste.”

SinceForeverTillWhenever‘ is even better. Fueled by personal demons, betrayal and addiction, the tracks here deliver a euphoric crossover high, with metallic riffs, screaming solos and throat scorching vocals.

SinceForeverTillWhenever‘ releases October 25, 2019

FFO – Trash Talk, Suicidal Tendencies, RKL

We hooked up with vocalist Danny Duran for the goods.

This record is quite a bit more melodic than ‘Straight Outta Thousands’, how has the band changed (writing process, recording) since.

Making the ‘Straight Outta Thousands‘ album, at SourDough Records, was our first real recording experience… That being said..we didn’t really treat it properly and In those days, our idea of being in a studio to make a record was just another party; hard-drinking, drugs and a tiny bit of rock ‘n roll on the side. Our shenanigans and “after parties” went on for months until finally, our studio access was restricted and monitored, forcing us to finish our album and meet the deadline for release. ‘Straight Outta Thousands‘ was everything we had written from the very beginning to the point we were at. All material was from our very early days as a 3 piece, then recorded years later as a 5 piece, having added 2 new guitar players allowing the singer/guitarist to focus on vocals.

From then on, when producing new music, we had 3 different writers contributing to the sound and overall direction of the band. Once we were able to figure out and balanced our chemistry with each player’s distinct style, we got to the grindstone intending to write an album that utilized more of our resources, from the players and production.

SinceForeverTillWhenever‘ was made with a different outlook on the listening experience of a punk rock album in its entirety. Cameron Webb had shared some constructive criticism and advice with me after listening to our first work, letting me know that the vibe, as a whole, was missing some huge marks with the lack of Dynamic range, when referring to the pace of our tunes. We definitely kept that in mind.

What’s the plan for 2019/2020

Tour the west coast with our friends Dedich and ElderlyAbuse, then a nice run of the east coast with the Atomic Cretins (they just don’t know it yet)… a covers album is in the works then back to the grindstone with our newest addition to the band, Bass player Dylan Brown.


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