New Music Blast – Street Eaters; The See-Saw; Phantom Fire; The Hamiltones; The Lotts

It’s Bandcamp Friday so here’s some new music to get you started.

Bass and drum duo Megan and John know as Street Eaters are an interesting band. They’ve recorded a raucous punk album and an ambient record, both based on the utopian gender-breaking work of author Ursula LeGuin. On their new EP ‘Simple Distractions‘ they up the ante by adding guitar from Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females) and Stevo (Tony Molina Band) and deliver 4 tracks of powerful truewave post-punk including a filthy cover of Gang of Four’s ‘Love Like Anthrax‘. It takes a couple of listens but once they have their claws in you, there’s no escape.



Japanese rockers The See-Saw, formed by former Nylon guitarist Shimano have released their 3rd single out now on Spanish label Folc Records. The single is a double-dose of sizzling irresistible garage rock and the trio blaze through the two tracks like their instruments are on fire. I am looking forward to a full-length release.



This two-song ingot of molten blackened metal is a tasty preview of what’s to come from the Norwegian band Phantom Fire. Their debut ‘The Bust of Beelzebub‘ is due in September but ‘Return of the Goat‘ with its blend of 80s throwback metal and doom and the soaring thrash of ‘Mara‘ is quite the appetizer. There’s even a Tom Warrior grunt or two.



You probably didn’t think you needed to hear a surf album inspired by vampire b-movies did you? Well, Buffalo’s The Hamiltones (another project of polymath John Toohill – Science Man) puts that thought to the test with ‘Dracula Invitational, 1791‘ a 14-track soundtrack to a fictional Dracula b-movie. This is a solid outing of charismatic goth surf, in the vein of Canadian legends Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet.


The Lotts are from Warrington, halfway between Manchester and Liverpool, two strongholds of music history. However, on the new single, they draw more from the Detroit noise of the MC5 and the bratty demeanor of Together Pangea and make it work. Two pretty straightforward, hooky garage ditties for your weekend beer drinking playlist.


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