New Music Blast: Six Bands Making Noise


Border city psych punks Psychic Void make quick work of melting your face on their sophomore LP ‘Skeleton Paradise‘. At just 24 minutes, the Windsor, Ontario quartet blast through 8 tracks of splendid garage punk in the vein of The Traditional Fools. Buy it on vinyl at Vanilla Box.



On their new EP, ‘Only The Young Die Good‘, Richmond, Virginia’s Sick Bags sneer like it’s nobody’s business. Six tracks of textbook snotty-ass sleazy tunage that ticks every box on the rock and roll checklist and a few others for good measure. You’ll want to take a bath in hand sanitizer. Or maybe you’ll just drink it.



Put your helmet on for some good old fashioned hardcore from the industrial city of Lille, France. Jodie Faster has been around since 2016 and their latest LP ‘Blame Yourself‘ contains 17 tracks of frantic and explosive punk rock. It’s utterly exhausting to listen to with a clean guitar sound and frontman Mika’s furious vocals.



This here is a split from two fast-rising Miami based bands Las Nubes and Palomino Blond. Las Nubes has been on our radar since the release of their excellent debut record ‘SMVT‘ last summer. This EP features two new tracks including ‘Demonize‘ which is a shot of shoegazey dream pop with heavy alt-90s vibes. Palomino Blond labels their sound as ‘shred-gaze’ which works well to describe their racket on ‘Damage‘, a song that recalls the roar with pop sensibilities sound of a band like White Lung. Out on BUFU Records.

Las Nubes – Facebook

Palomino Blond – Facebook


I don’t have much to tell you about Android, other than that they come from the sunny dreamland of Orlando, Florida and they make an ungodly amount of noise playing thrash-centric hardcore. Their EP ‘Chapter 001‘ released in January is incredibly brutal and raw and I love it.

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