New Music Blast: MESSER CHUPS – Twin Peaks Twist 4​-​track EP

Messer Chups from St. Petersburg, Russia has been around for over 20 years, operating as a duo and a trio with Oleg Guitaracula as a constant and the current lineup rounded out by Zombierella, and Rockin’ Eugene.

Mostly instrumental, blending surf, lounge, and horror together like a monster sewn together from Dick Dale, The Cramps, and Hugo Montenegro; their output is staggering, and what’s more remarkable is the consistent quality of each release.

They’ve just wrapped up a short US/Mexico tour and are now off to Europe but in the meantime, they’ve dropped a cool little 4-song EP with “Twin Peaks Twist‘, the ridiculously great cover of the Twin Peaks theme taken from the 2010 album ‘Heretic Channel‘ along with three other cool tracks.

The EP available in a spiffy gatefold sleeve in either black or white vinyl. Follow the Bandcamp link below.

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MAY 29
Messer Chups – Concert Le Ferrailleur
Wed 8:30 PM
Nantes, France

MAY 30
Relache n°10 : Prettiest Eyes // Messer Chups // Warm Drag
May 30 – Jun 1
Square Dom Bedos
Bordeaux, France

MAY 31
Messer Chups at Cosmic Trip Festival
Fri 10 PM
Rue Edmond Jongleux, 18000 Bourges, France

Messer Chups et Alk-a-line à L’Entrepôt
Sat 8 PM
L’Entrepôt À Arlon
Arlon, Belgium

Messer Chups (RU) + Alk-A-Line
Sun 7 PM
Magasin 4
Brussels, Belgium

Messer Chups in Geneve
Tue 8 PM
La Makhno
Geneva, Switzerland

Messer Chups
Wed 8:30 PM
Bar Le Tigre
Sélestat, France

Messer Chups [rus] + The Peacocks [ch]
Fri 9 PM
Nouveau Monde
Fribourg, Switzerland

Messer Chups au Sonic
Sat 8:30 PM
Sonic Lyon
Lyon, France

Puces Rock N° 8 à Montpellier
Sun 9 AM
Secret Place
Saint-Jean-De-Védas, France

JUN 10
Messer Chups
Mon 9 PM
Le Molotov
Marseille, France

JUN 11
Messer Chups
Tue 8 PM
Barrio’s Live
Milan, Italy

JUN 12
Messer Chups + The Elecmatics
Wed 8 PM
Brin de Zinc
Barberaz, France

JUN 14
Messer Chups in Lorient France
Fri 8 PM
Le Galion
Lorient, France

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