New Music Blast: MALA VISTA – Debut EP

If you’re into old-school, hook-filled punk rock with speed and attitude, the debut 7-track EP from New York punkers Mala Vista should make its way onto your playlist.

This is raw, no-holds-barred late 70s power chord driven punk rock; fast like The Damned, catchy like 999, and snotty like the Dead Boys. The 7-tracks are short, punchy songs with sneering vocals and ripping guitar breaks. The production is raw, but works perfectly with the pace; 7 songs in 15 minutes!

Distorted drums, buzzing bass and a wall of guitars all provide all the fuel that’s needed and it’s over before you know it.

Looking forward to more from these guys.

Myke Miranda – Vox/Gtr
Ben McIsaac – Drums/B.Vox
Manuel Labour – Bass
Erik LAMF – Lead Guitar


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