There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but one thing is for sure, Atlanta by the way of San Juan punks Ladrones just keep getting better.

The visceral provocativeness of their debut record easily made it one of my favorites of 2019 and they recently released a new 4-song EP titled ‘Coronita‘ that further proves Valeria Sánchez is one of the most exciting vocalists out there right now.

The band states that “Coronita (small crown) relates to the everyday bullshit we deal with. About the disregard of everything and everybody around you. The lack of accountability for your actions. How you always seem to find yourself blaming everybody around you. About living in your own personal kingdom.” Ladrones sure lay down a quick but ferocious listen with all but one of the four songs under two minutes.

The EP begins with the rowdy title track ‘Coronita‘, a headbanging treat with a shouty chorus and a hot chord progression, followed by the glam swagger of ‘Remedio‘. ‘Sabes‘ is a revved-up number with the ferociousness of The Bronx and man, when this band switches gears they are formidable. Through it all Sánchez sneers and screams like it’s nobody’s business while Jose Rivera’s guitar playing is off the charts, and the rhythm section of bassist Paul Hernandez and drummer Dariush Mirsajedin more than hold down the fort. Closing it out is the previously released ‘Saico‘, an anthemic hook-filled rocker with the swagger and spirit of 1977.

This is a band that I cannot wait to see live, once we are back at it.

We hooked up for a few questions:

The description of the EP says these songs ‘represent our own personal burning letters as we’re about to start a new year.’ How have you handled 2020?

Well, 2020 has been a serious cluster fuck worldwide as we all know. But personally and as a band, it has posed many new challenges as well as new opportunities for a more focused and solid project. With lineup changes, we’ve been able to revisit our old material and breath new life into it, but also we’ve been working on new music as well. So pretty much we’ve been surfing the big wave with a new mindset and bigger “cojones”. “CORONITA” is a bit of all of those things.

How does the political climate in both Puerto Rico and Georgia affect your writing?

All the fucked up things that are happening, both in our homeland and in Georgia, makes us work harder for the good things. It pushes us closer to music and makes us look inward as well, so it helps connect with new ideas and thoughts, which is always good for writing.

What music got you through 2020?

A lot of Gories, Bass Drum of Death, Coathangers, La Luz Band, Amyl and the Sniffers.

We’ve also been trying to explore new music…different from what we are used to play and listen to. As a latinx band, it is important to connect with Spanish speaking music too so we’ve been listening to a lot to acts like Combo Chimbita, Bomba Stereo, Rita Indiana, etc.


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