NEW MUSIC BLAST: Featuring – Public Body; Candace; Vanilla Giver; Nancy; Purple-X


These Brighton UK punks have a tightly controlled post-punk sound that gives me the jitters, like 5 cups of coffee. Their new single is out on Six Tonnes De Chair Records and features two tracks; ‘Ask Me Later‘ with its paranoid urgency and the slower Fontaines DC-esque ‘Table Manners‘ with story-style lyrics and incisive social commentary. On both tracks, the musicianship is top-notch.



While we all wait out the pandemic, dreamy melancholic pop trio Candace hunkered down and recorded three deep-cut cover tracks illustrating the breadth of their influences. They start off with ‘All I Wanna Do‘ the Beach Boys all but ignored pop masterpiece followed by SZA’s ‘Prom‘ a haunting track of teen angst from her 2017 debut album, ‘Ctrl‘. Candace finishes things off with a perfect go at Yoko Ono’s ‘Let Me Count the Ways‘ from Lennon and Ono’s posthumous ‘Milk and Honey‘ record. Their success at making these tracks sound fresh is impressive.



Also from Brighton comes Vanilla Giver who bill themselves as a ‘queer feminist shit punk band’. This demo was released back in December and instantly stands way out from the crowd with its mix of snotty riot punk and serious playful pop chops. It’s grungey and wonderful and I can’t wait for more.



Joe Sussman (Dangus Tarkus, The Muff Divers) and Nat Brower (Brower, Pasty’s Rats) have been releasing cheeky hook-filled punk rock as Nancy for some time now, and back in October, they went country, well kind of. The lead-off title track would have you believe they’ve really dedicated their lives to our Lord Dolly, but, somewhat sadly it’s short-lived. Not that their blasts of rock and roll aren’t glorious, I just feel intrigued enough to want more twang. Anyway, ‘Take a Pikksha‘ quickly follows and there’s a lot of super catchy power punk to lift your spirits.  Produced by the legendary Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Germs).


Oslo, Norway’s Purple-X play dark agitated post-punk stained hardcore and their self-titled debut was released back in November. These 9 tracks are claustrophobic and intense with a kängpunk foundation, earsplitting guitars and vocals, and have enjoyed a solid stay on my playlist.


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