New Music Blast: CAT CLYDE – Bird Bone

With her new single ‘Bird Bone‘, Cat Clyde continues to tantalize leading up to the release of her sophomore album due this June.

Bird Bone‘ is the third track from the forthcoming record and here she blends her urban folk sound with a moody southern gothic vibe and the blue-eyed soul of Dusty Springfield.

On this track Cat Clyde is backed by the excellent Toronto surf-soul band Carlo, and one can only hope this collaboration is permanent because it is magic.

Bird Bone
Always starts with a trickle then begins to flow
If I make it out alive the sickness it’s in my bones
I’ve been dwelling in my head, made my bed, can’t let go
My freshly lit cigarette calms me as the wind blows

Ground is frozen and time begins to slow
I can’t help that I’m growing cold
I feel the sting of the trigger trying to blow me down
I never thought you’d take the shot now I’m on the ground

Leaves begin to wither everything bleeds together
And I’m hollow yes I’m hollow like a bird bone
Yeah I’m hollow like a Bird Bone

From the corners of my vision come the fading black
Deep and dark waiting to attack
Swallowing the fluttering light behind my eyes
The ability to hold my own weight has been compromised
Drooling and dripping, irreversible and imprinting
And I’m hollow
Yes I’m hollow like a Bird Bone

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