New Music Blast: BANDCAMP FRIDAY – Metal Edition


Ireland’s Gama Bomb and their brand new album ‘Sea Savage‘ sure make the drive to work a lot quicker. The thrashers deliver the goods here with a sonic blast of old school thrash with nods to the Big Four, although I’d replace Megadeth with Exodus. Best of all they don’t take themselves to seriously and have significant technical chops to back it all up!



Pounder, from LA, released their excellent debut ‘Uncivilzed‘ on Hells Headbanger Records last year and the first salvo from the sophomore LP ‘Breaking The World‘ sure hits the headbanging sweet spot. In a short time Pounder has perfected the metal cocktail, but these guys are pros, vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey is from Exhumed, Gruesome, and Expulsion, bassist Alejandro Corredor from Nausea LA, and lead guitarist Tom Draper has spent time is Carcass, Angel Witch, and Crowning Glory. ‘Breaking the World‘, out in January, is getting the usual top-notch treatment from Shadow Kingdom Records.



Portland’s Silver Talon, essentially the acclaimed Spellcaster reborn, boast triple guitars so it makes sense that the riffs and virtuosity are off the charts. They released their debut EP ‘Becoming A Demon‘ last year and have just dropped a new track. ‘Deceiver, I Am‘ is epic polished speed power metal with insane double kick drumming along with the aforementioned guitar attack. Silver Talon take hold of the flame and we are looking forward to more.



I googled Atra Mors and learned that is a loose translation of Black Death. In the process I learned that during the siege of Caffa in 1346, the Mongols catapulted plague-ridden corpses into the city, effectively infecting the entire city. Is there anything more metal than that? Anyway, Atra Mors (the band) from Cumbria, England, have been releasing ultra black metal since 2015 and their latest ‘1353‘ is a stunning example of how good the genre can be. Dark, forbidding, and dripping with despair, it’s a perfect soundtrack to closing out the year 2020. Out on Under the Dark Soil.



Kramp, from Madrid, Spain have been around since 2010, but just released their debut album ‘Gods of Death‘ in 2020. There is quite a run on metal bands mining the treasures of late 70s and early 80s NWOBHM, and Kramp successfully extract the power metal of Warlock and the fantasy metal of Omen, and make it their own.




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