NEW MUSIC BLAST: 8 Wicked Releases for February


Halifax, power poppers dropped  ‘Parts Unknown‘ a new single from their forthcoming album ‘Come Alive‘ back in December. I may be dating myself here, but had these guys been around in the 90s, their videos would have been all over Much Music, and they would’ve been playing Edgefest with Treble Charger, Rusty, and Sloan. Looking forward to this album as it always is with OUTTACONTROLLER.


On their new 6-song EP from Dirt Cult Records, Vancouver’s Schedule 1 lay down some pretty powerful post-punk and they remind me a little of Chiller, another Dirt Cult band, or Sweden’s Terrible Feelings. Schedule 1 was formed by members of Bishops Green, Dead Cells, and Systematik, their sound takes driving post-punk and channels it through a melodic punk aesthetic with textured guitars and hooky melodies.



Benjamin Tod and his wife Ashley Mae have been releasing dark corner Americana for years now as The Lost Dog Street Band and their new album ‘Glory‘ once again delivers. Their earnest blend of roots music, country, and bluegrass showcases Tod as a masterful songwriter and storyteller. He is an old soul, a wanderer, a troubadour, and his emotionally packed songs raise a glass to Townes, Steve Earle, and Uncle Tupelo.



Back in the summer, Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls, Suspect Parts, LADrugz, Maniac) with his new project JENNY, released the single ‘Trajinero‘ a sung-in-Spanish power-pop ditty that was conceived during Maurer’s visit to Mexico City in November 2020. Lyrically the song is a love letter to “the rough and tumble trajineros who expertly manned their hand-painted gondolas in the canals”. The single is now out on Dirt Cult with the bouncy b-side ‘Kids of Today” that features James Carmen and Johnny “JD” Reyes of The Reflectors.



Following ‘Violent Closure‘ the blistering 7-song EP released last year, New Jersy punks GEL have somehow turned up the heat on their latest release. ‘Mental Static‘ is a massive blast of musical instruments and shredding vocals that make Gel one of the most exciting hardcore bands on the scene. This track is from a split that is coming out from Convulse Records sometime this year.


Sydney punks Bloods are flipping a big old bird to 2021 (among a few other things) with their new single ‘BOSS‘. The trio discharges some sneering punk with vocalist MC letting loose enough pent-up anger, and frustration for all of us. They say new year’s resolutions should be clear and measurable. Well, everyone’s resolution for 2022 should be to listen to ‘BOSS‘ every morning while getting ready for the day.



Staying down under, Melbourne’s Snake Valley plays adrenaline-fueled, guitar-heavy tunes, bordering on noise rock. On their new EP – ‘Price of Gold‘, amidst all the noise, there are plenty of hooks to reel you in.



UK duo Might Magic Animal once again delivers some dirty 90s styled grunge sludge, with the big classic rock riffs of Blue Cheer and Sabbath. The new 4-track EP ‘Shtick!‘ is their first since 2019 and is available as an extremely limited edition two-track single from Weekend Offender Records.


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