New Music Blast: 5 Bands You Should Listen To Now


Perhaps it’s a by-product of hailing from Arizona, but The Resonars (aka Matt Rendon), sound like pure sunshine. Taking cues from the Mersey Beat heydey, Rendon breathes fresh air into everything he touches. It’s mindboggling how consistently excellent The Resonars releases are, and his ear for melody and hooks has now approached near-legendary status.



Well, this is exciting. Goldie Dawn comes swaggering out of Glasgow with big Dictators riffs, and Richard Hell power perfectly delivered with the snarl and sneer of vocalist Kate Rambo. But wait, just as you think you’ve got them pegged, they pull an unlikely trick out of their hat with the Gun Club country jaunt of ‘It’s Nothing To Me‘. This is a band to watch for sure.


Members of UK metalcore outfits Employed To Serve and Renounced have created a new side-project called Glorious, and personally, it is way more in my wheelhouse than either of those bands. This is boots on the ground, pit-ready hardcore with some metallic influences. Unfortunately, we have to wait until July to hear the rest as the 5-track EP, titled ‘Unashamed’, will be released on July 3rd 2020 via Church Road Records.


On their debut, Portland’s The Bedrooms sound so claustrophobic you’d believe they formed in the early 80s. Sonically they fall somewhere between the post-punk of The Sound and the brooding complex guitar pop of the Chameleons without sacrificing any originality. Beware, this one grows on you.



The debut album from Atlanta/Puerto Rican punks Ladrones was one of the best albums released last year so I was pretty pumped to hear a new track and they do not disappoint. On ‘Saico‘ the band rips through an anthemic rocker with the swagger and spirit of 1977. We cannot wait for album number two!


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