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I’ve been listening to this upcoming new album for a little over a week now, and I can’t stop finding new reasons to dig this sound. I have a bad habit of trying to figure out the bands influences, and Flower Girl is a tough one to peg down. So here’s what I’ll do, you decide the answer for that and if you figure it out down to the top three let me know your thoughts and we’ll see if we agree. For now let’s leave it at this: Flower Girl is a very cool band that you must find time to listen to , today.

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Like their namesake implies, FLOWER GIRL is a celebration of youthful exuberance, tossing up sing-a-long anthems, and heady licks to decorate your path. Led by perennially grinning frontman Nick Morris, this NYC-based five-piece of hard-working chillers revels in an optimist high of contagious energy. With a sound that blends storytelling lyrics, catchy power pop hooks, understated alt-rock noodling, and a steady rhythm section grounded in a country backwoods feel, Flower Girl occupy a musical space all their own. Having accrued a hometown reputation for spreading smiles with raucous and revelatory live performances — featuring somersaults, whip cracks and lots of crowd dancing — these grown-up kids sure know how to start a party.
After earning fervent fans with their debut ‘Okie Dokie Howdy Doody’, and playing high profile shows in New York with such artists as Juan Wauters, Peach Kelli Pop, and Jimmy Whispers to name a few, Flower Girl is ready to spread their free spirit shred with the wider world on their latest effort ‘Tuck In Your Tie-Dye’. Buoyant and cheerful throughout, this colorful collection of sweet-hearted songs could warm the coals of a modern day scrooge with their impassioned appeals to have some just have some fun already. Akin to the vibes of Jonathan Richman and the be yourself spirit of 90’s Nickelodeon, Songs like “Let’s Build a Fort” drive that message home with cheeky refrains to escape the pretension and pessimism of the city, pairing guitar licks, group calls and some well-placed cowbell. Likewise, the peppy pop of “Hi5’s” rejoices in the simple pleasure of slapping some skin and spreading the love.
You can almost hear the smile in Morris’ conversational croon. However, it’s not all sunshine in Flower Girl’s world, as softer tracks like “Dorthy Says” and “2 Late 2 Be a Cowboy” feature a tinge of twangy country smoothness that betrays a quiet melancholy of missed opportunity, loneliness, and the dislocation of being a little guy in the big city. With most songs coming in under the 3 minute mark, these songs are compact and to the point. No breakout solos or meandering interludes distract from their overall message, just feel good vibes you won’t mind ricocheting around your skull like so many jumping jellybeans. So serve yourself a stack a flap jacks, pour on that sweet syrup and get ready to flip for Flower Girl.

Flower Girl:

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